Top 5 Tips – Acid Reflux Remedies

Acid reflux has symptoms similar to that of heartburn and is also termed as Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Reflux and Stomach Acid amongst other things. The problem can become dangerous in the long run as the acid can cause considerable damage as it wear’s away the lining of delicate esophagus. The problems of swallowing and scar tissue may arise if not controlled early. Main symptoms of the condition include breathing problem, wheezing, dry coughing, bitter taste, tight throat, chest pain, halitosis and stress. Here are my top 5 natural remedies that are very helpful in containing acid reflux symptoms:-

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: – This is my number one choice as it cost virtually nothing to try and has a high success rate! It is an amazing natural remedy for acid reflux as it helps combat the symptoms almost instantly. It can be simply obtained from most general stores or specialist natural food shops. It is a counterproductive method of treating acid reflux because of its proper control. One can make an effective solution at home by just adding a teaspoon of vinegar to half glass of water (be prepared for the bitter taste!). Ideally it is best to take the solution before dinner or at the time of eating dinner.

2. Ginger Root: – It helps in absorbing acid from the stomach and calm the nervous system. Taking one ginger capsule daily after dinner has been reported for sufferers to see the difference. It can also be used in tea leading to relax muscles which can help to relieve the condition. Try to purchase fresh root of ginger or powdered ginger can also be used. Pickled or candled ginger is really effective way to treat acid reflux. Just dissolve 10 to 15 drops of ginger powder to half glass of water and don’t forget you have full control of the solution strength so you can slowly increase – decrease to suit needs but it is always recommend to start with lesser amount.

3. Aloe Vera: – Has been around for and recognized as a very effective “cure” of a number of ailments for centuries. As a natural remedy it helps in the soothing of inflamed and irritated esophagus. One can obtain the juice from natural food supermarkets but be sure with the quality of aloe Vera. Take a quarter cup of aloe Vera juice before eating and gauge the difference. Natural remedies do not have any side effects thus prove to be very attractive & effective way of curing acid reflux.

4. Fresh Fruits:- Diet plays a major part in our well being so take fresh vegetables and fruits on regular basis like bananas, pineapples, apples, fig, cabbages, nuts, carrot and almonds. It helps keep control of acid reflux by improving and making digestive system, very strong.

5. Bed wedge: – Sleeping position and relaxation plays an important role in treating acid reflux symptoms especially when sleeping or lying down. Bed wedge pillows can definitely help sufferers by elevating the torso. Nowadays high quality, comfortable and safe wedges are available that are specially designed for heartburn patients. These bed wedges are featured with size, designed, and comfort in mind. It is a comfortable method of improving sleeping and as we know having a proper sleep can help in avoiding many diseases according to some doctors. Acid reflux can cause & lead to digestive disorders and treating the symptoms with medication is sometimes unavoidable in some cases, but treating it with natural herbs or positioners is a great way to help overcome the symptoms. In most cases patients experience no side effects from these non prescriptive alternatives.