Top 5 Supplements to Add to Your Daily Nutrition

If you're looking for a little added extra to your daily nutrition then how about adding some great supplements. Below are 5 supplements that will help you in many ways daily.


For everyone who does not get enough fruits and vegetables. (That's up to 80% of the population.) Rather than mega doses of nutrients look for one pill that provides 100% of your daily requirements for as many different vitamins and minerals as possible. Amounts exceeding 100% are generally a waste and you'll end up peeing them away. When it comes to price, generally the more you pay the more vitamin content you will get. However you can get multivitamins for cheap at your local supermarkets.

Protein Powder

Protein powder has other advantages to the protein we eat through foods. It's convenient in a sense that it's easy to carry round in a shaker and easy to conjure up in a short space of time. Drinking a shake after every workout speeds muscle recovery and supplies your body with the amino acids needed for muscle growth. This is important for not only athletes and gym goers but your every day normal Joe / Joanne Bloggs. Protein powders vary in price, especially with more brands coming out every month. Do your research and look for good deals.


This synthetic version of an energy source produced naturally in the body is stored in the muscles for use during exercise. So why do we need extra if our body already produces it? Well our body makes and stores around 120g of creatine, but, our body can store up to around 160g. Multiple studies show that creatine does help speed recovery and the growth of lean-muscle mass after a workout. You can start taking creatine at the normal dose of three to five grams per day after a workout. You can even mix it directly with your protein powder, although a lot of protein powders already have creatine in them so make sure to check before spending your cash. Creatine is fairly cheap and you can pick it up in most health shops and some big supermarkets.

Green Tea

We are hearing more about green tea every day and it turns people's heads because it helps fight fat. Animals who are given the extract in studies gain less weight and burn substantially more fat than animals getting a placebo. Green tea has many more benefits than just burning fat, there are now studies taking place that say green tea can help towards curing disease such as cancer.

Tea experts ideally recommend about eight glasses a day or go the easier route and just take a tablet form. Aim for 90 milligrams three times daily. You can get green tea cheap by buying supermarkets own branded tea, but it promises to have a bit of a rough after taste. For those that are a bit fussy, try a flavored green tea at first or pay a little extra for the plain green tea, I find Tetleys green tea is nice.

Fish oils

Fish oils are beneficial for heart disease, joints and also fat burning properties. Take at least one to two grams a day (1000mg-2000mg). Pick these up for cheap at your local superstore.

There are literally thousands of pills you could be popping at any one time. Forget them and get these down you first, these are up there with the best of them and you'll feel the benefits in no time at all.