Top 4 Main Causes of Obesity

Generally there are multiple causes of obesity in our modern society today and all these pin point to our way of lifestyle such as what we eat and exercise. However, I would like us to understand what obesity is.

Obesity is a condition by which a person has so much body fat which presents great danger to the individual health. And some of the health risks presented by obesity to the person if steps are not taken to counter the problem includes heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

It is essential to know what causes of obesity are, so that you can take precautions and changes that lead to a healthy way of life which comes with tremendous benefits. There are so many diet plans available out there that offer instant "cure" for obesity and overweight. I believe the critical means to achieving a healthy weight is through a change of lifestyle and remaining committed to it.

The sad thing and i mean sad, is until people make a lasting changes in their lifestyles and consistently choose healthy foods along with with discipline and exercise, their efforts to achieve a healthy lifestyle may never manifest.

Let us now look at the causes of obesity and how we can manage obesity, and overweight as a result of change of lifestyle and eating habits. Well obesity takes place or happens due to;

1. Personal lifestyle

A way of life with no activity or exercise is a sure way of allowing overweight take charge over your life. We call such lifestyle with no activity or exercise as sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many avoidable diseases which are leading causes of death in this present day.

2. Poor self image

It is well-known that being obese and overweight can greatly affect your self esteem, and lead to cravings or poor eating habits.

These individual turn to poor eating habits as away to comfort themselves from low self esteem. Identify your life passions or hobbies, and even join a club that match with your hobbies or interests and get involved as they are so many around, just find one and get involved.

3. Eating habits

When you consume more high calorie foods which means, the more extra calories you have get converted to body fats and the right way to handle this is to lead a active lifestyle and a good example is exercising to help build muscles instead of fat.

Whether these calories do come from saturated fat, sugar, protein or even starch, and unused calories are turned into body fats.

4. Emotional factors

Anxiety, stress or even illness for such as depression can lead one to poor eating patterns which leads to obesity.

There are steps one can take to fight obesity and overweight, and these includes;

– Taking charge of what you eat, like eating foods rich in high amounts of fiber such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans, lentils, use healthy oil such as olive or walnut and reduce sugars and saturated fats intake.

– Resolve to lead active life like exercising, possibly waking up early in the morning and doing a 30 min workout will significantly lead you to the right path and soon you will begin seeing changes in your body.

Stay clear of stress and learn to appreciate life and have a positive attitude. Set some life goals that you have wanted to achieve and go for them, and there is nothing more encouraging than making progress in life. Encourage a healthy life and take care of your precious body as it is the only place you have to live.