Tooth Looks Fine to the Naked Eye But an X-Ray Reveals the Decay


What is Tooth Decay?

“Decay” as we understand is a state of deterioration, impairment or to put it in simplest term to make or get rotten. Similarly tooth decay means all of the above infected with dental disease which can cause damage to the tooth structure.

Kinds Of Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay caused by sugar present in baby’s milk and consuming it for a long time, smooth decay is common in teenagers which starts with a white spot on the teeth which dissolves into the enamel, root decay which affects the surface of the tooth root and difficult to prevent and fissure decay which affects the molars by allowing the bacteria to fit in narrow fissures of the tooth.

Complications that arise from tooth cavity are tooth pain and distress which generally begins at the nurturing age of the child and should be dealt with earlier.

What are the causes of tooth decay?

1. Plaque – It is a bacterium which surrounds the tooth and produces acid. This plaque builds up in the tooth due to lack of proper brushing and poor hygiene and the acid cause’s wear and tear of the teeth. This decay causing bacteria is a transferrable disease that is passed by eating from the same utensil, sharing the same drink and even kissing. The decay moves in a layer form and as it reaches the tooth enamel the process becomes slow but once it reaches the most sensitive part the pulp it eats up the nerve endings present here in quick succession.

2. Consumption of refined sugar and soda – Consumption of refined sugar and soda leads to corrosion of the essential nutrients from the calcium in the enamel and pulp. Even if you are unaware of consuming refined sugar get your facts right because preserved condiments, fruit syrups and juices contain refined sugar. Thus it eventually leads to osteoporosis and tooth decay.

3. Lack of balanced nutrients – It is medically proven that if you do not include healthy fat in your diet your tooth gets degenerated. So vitamin A, D and K2 are also required to be included in your diet. An adverse effect is also felt when the sucrose is changed to lactic acid, producing S Mutants which eats away the sucrose.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay?

• Killing of the Bacteria – Using fluoride based toothpaste destroys S. Mutants bacteria.

Also preparing mixtures such as hydrogen peroxide and calcium carbonate in Dental Irrigators certainly reduces the pH value in the mouth. Applying herbal anti-microbial mouthwashes which contain thyme, green tea, clove etc can also substantially reduce and diminish tooth cavity. Apart from these, application of baking soda, tooth soap and licorice also prove helpful. Professional dental treatment is always an option which destroys the bacteria completely. Less consumption of refined sugar and soda is an obvious solution. Saliva should be present in the tooth as it keeps acidity away from the mouth. Hence the disease called sleep apnea affects the tooth cavity. Also be devoid of stress since more you stress the more chances of consuming happy foods related to sugar which will again in turn affect the tooth decay. Lastly, flossing daily is vital.