Tonsils White Spots – Treatment & Cure For Tonsillitis White Lumps

Many a times we come across peculiar ailments. They might seem to be minor ones, but if ignored, they become chronic. One such ailment is white spots on the tonsils. These can occur in various parts around the tonsils, inside the mouth and on the neck. Most oft these white spots are visible with a naked eye. It looks like a lump coming out of the neck.

Actually, these lumps are caused due to unwanted accumulation of debris and sulfur based bacteria near the tonsils. They start with food wrapped with mucus getting collected in then neck. Then slowly and steadily, the mucus is secreted by the body and food gets converted in to bacteria. Initially, it is harmless, but in the span of time a lot of bacteria are formed in these spots and then they become really harmful. When the stone becomes hard, you have no choice but to get it removed surgically. In case they are checked in time, you can get rid of them with some simple home remedies. Some of these tips are given below:

Home remedies to get rid of tonsil white spots

* You must have lots of liquids. These include fresh vegetable juices and smoothies. You must avoid solid foods as much as possible as it causes more irritation in the neck.

* Next, you should gargle with warm water at least 4 to 5 times a day. You have many options of what to add in this water. You can add only salt. Another choice is salt, powdered pepper and turmeric powder. The third alternative is salt, lime juice and concentrate of fenugreek seeds boiled in water.

* You must not have very cold or very hot water or food, all this while.

* The bad breath that is caused in this problem can be stopped by using some mint gargles. Also you must keep your toiletries separate and also store them very hygienically.

* Next, you must change your tooth brush very frequently.

* The people who often have tonsil white spots must rinse their mouth and gargle properly after every meal.