Tonsils Stones Causes and Cures

Hardened matter which builds up in the tonsils pockets is known as tonsils stones or the tonsilloliths. Tonsils are glands on the throat which help to filter lymph fluid and fight bacteria and virus which pass through the nose or the mouth to the throat. After the fight between the white cells and other matters, the residues and the dead cells left behind accumulate in the tonsils which lead to tonsils stones. Most people suffer from this disease and others opt for its removal. This problem can lead to other problems like one having a bad breath because they tend to release a horrible smell.

Causes of tonsilloliths

When the tonsils become weak, this situation can lead to the formation of tonsilloliths. One can have health problems which may weaken the nodes making them unable to keep up with the demand. One of the health issues that can weaken the tonsils is the post nasal drip, where the excess mucus will be trapped in the tonsils crypts leading to the formation of the stones.

Body allergies can also lead to the formation of the tonsilloliths. When one’s body is reacting to the allergenic particles it deals with them as if they are harmful to your body. This fight weakens the lymphatic system and this promotes the formation of tonsilloliths.

Body infections and viruses like the sinus infections can also cause tonsilloliths.This viruses and infections clog in the tonsils pockets and cause the development of the stones. One is highly advised to treat their health disorders to prevent the tonsils stones disorder.

Certain foods lead to the formation of these stones. Dairy products increase the chance of contracting the disease because they are high in calcium which contributes to the formation of mucus. The excess mucus gets trapped in the tonsils causing tonsilloliths. One should consume the dairy products at minimal amounts.

Alcohol and tobacco leads to tonsilloliths. When one takes alcohol and smoke cigarettes, his or her throat dries up this eventually leads to this disorder. These two also causes one to have a bad breath. It is highly advisable for people to stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette to reduce the chances of contracting tonsils stones.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to one suffering from tonsilloliths. If one is not cautious about his or her oral hygiene, food articles and bacteria will accumulate in the mouth which will soon block the tonsils. The treatment of this disease begins with proper oral hygiene and this naturally prevents tonsils stones.

Ways of Treating Tonsils Stones

Tonsil stones can be cured through a process known as oxygenation. This is where bacteria and debris which causes tonsil stones are destroyed by subjection to sufficient levels of oxygen. TheraBreath Aktiv-Oxgen serum and TheraBreath PLUS Nasal sinus drops effectively eliminate tonsil stones with no need of surgical process.

Gargling warm, salty water also helps to ease discomfort brought about by tonsillitis that accompanies tonsil stones.

You can also dislodge tonsils at home by use of picks and swabs.