Tonsilloliths 101 – Treat a Tonsillolith Well


If you have noticed a white bump or several of them on the back of your throat then you must probably call a doctor for it could be a tonsillolith. However, most physicians will perceive it as tonsillitis or inflammation of the tonsils. In addition, they will hand you an antibiotic prescription, which is merely good for bacterial infections and nothing else.

A tonsil stones or a tonsillolith is a small white ball that dislodge on the tonsils. They appear like tonsillitis but they are not an infection. Rather they are merely bacteria, food accumulating in the mouth and residing in the tonsil crevices. When you do not feel ill but contain those white balls on your tonsils, then most probably they are tonsilloliths. More presenting symptoms involve an irritated or sore throat and a sensation that there is something stuck on the back of the throat.

There are great treatments to discharge a tonsillolith. Most often, people would simply cough them out, popping the stones out of their places. However, if you were not capable of doing this, picking them loose through a cotton swap or toothpick, or any other poking device would do. Just be cautious not to get so deep and eventually dab the inside of your mouth. In addition, flooding these stone with salt-water gargle or in a syringe would also help in loosening these stones.

Overall, a tonsillolith is not a major condition nor does it pose danger on your health. However, most often than not, they are utterly annoying. Moreover, adequate self-care, proper oral hygiene and regular check-up with medical personnel will definitely guarantee that you better health and well-being.