Tonsillitis Will Lose Its Ground

I don’t remember the one who said this, but for some reason this phrase was etched in my mind: the biggest unfairness is when children fall sick. You will hardly raise an objection against it, when you see that your child suffering. And even if he was healthy from birth, still various infections start bothering him sooner or later, and this means they start bothering his parents as well. Chronic tonsillitis is among them.

It can appear already appear in two-year age. And then it’s reminding of itself during the whole life. But you should remember of tonsillitis not only because it bothers your child, but because it’s also dangerous and guileful for adult people to the same extent. We need to learn more about this disease, in order to understand the rigidity of official point of view.

There is no point in examining your gullet every day. However, we will have to do it in a certain case, to understand why we catch cold suddenly right in the days when white flies are flying behind our windows. Well, as we know, there’re 6 tonsils in our gullet. Two of them are hidden so deeply, that we cannot see them. Children have another tonsil also, which disappears with age. Another one is situated in a base of tongue. And two – on each side, these are so called palatine tonsils, which we usually examine in the mirror with our mouth wide open in case of tonsillitis. We will talk about them, as inflammation of these tonsils causes tonsillitis.

Our organism is arranged the way that it has protective resources everywhere, which prevent outside dissocial forces from breaking its vital functions. Tonsils, which are used to be called glands, also are meant to protect us from infections. This is a peculiar first defence zone, which prevents viruses from coming inside through nose and mouth. Moreover, this is a part of a general protective mechanism of organism that forms immunity. And under tonsillitis, pharyngeal tonsils become a pesthole.

Of course, every one of us has had tonsillitis. And we remember how our temperature rose up to 39C, headache, but most of all we suffer from painful feeling while swallowing. Tonsillitis – is a chronic process, when pains in gullet bother us almost always. And a man, especially a child, who is not used to pay attention to such “trifles”, can easily ignore a slight increase in body temperature and pains in gullet, which he will regret of with time.

The danger is in the fact that angina (with rare exception) always leads to tonsillitis, which constantly develops and reminds of itself all the time. Inflamed pharyngeal tonsils become a favorable medium for pathogenic microbes’ abode. This way reserved suppurative inflammations appear.

An inflammation process grows stronger so much, that tonsils become bigger and close up pharynx gap completely. Microbes come through lymphatic viae, what leads to increase of neck glands. Under more detailed investigation of this disease we can find a lot of other terrible things, peculiar only to tonsillitis. List of diseases, connected with tonsillitis, is rather long: from rheumatism to system erythema centrifugum. However, we won’t delve into details, which should be known to experts, but concentrate on ways of protection from tonsillitis, if it’s chronic, and this means it’s constant.

First of all, parents are responsible for their children’s diseases. That’s why they should come to hospital with their children, if catarrhal diseases become frequent. We have to remind, that timely visit to a doctor and preventive measures will determine your child’s state of health in many respects. And you should take care of yourself too, find time to visit otolaryngologist. He will give you lots of practical advices about ways to struggle with tonsillitis. Out-patient treatment is also possible, i.e. without staying at hospital.

Chronic tonsillitis is considered to be an infectious-allergic disease. To avoid possible after-effects, which it brings in itself, you need to start conservative treatment – when you affect tonsils and carry out bracing therapy.

First of all, you need to cleanse palatine tonsils lacunas, i.e. conduits of different caliber with disinfectants. You can also smear tonsils with special extracts, one of the most famous is Lugol’s iodine. But today special pulverizers are used more often, which act according to a principle “three in one”: medicine under pressure cures inflammation, cleanses tonsils and does a peculiar hydro massage.

Folk remedies also can help a lot – for example, garlic gargling. Take 2 small bits of garlic, pound in small particles, pour with a glass of warm milk, filter and then gargle. It’s rather nasty, but effective. Resolving mixtures are more pleasant, they reduce weals and change the structure of inflamed tonsils. Take carrot, pound in small particles, mix with think honey, several drops of propolis spirit extract and a tablet of vitamin C. Put this mixture into mouth, press to palate and resolve slowly.

Conservative treatment is carried out twice a year, during 2 weeks. However, before you start treatment, you need to put teeth in order, cure caries and any inflammation processes in nose, to determine an exact picture of disease.

This may seem to be tiresome to someone. Of course, those, who stick to radical views, can think about taking out tonsils. They think this way: no tonsils – no angina and tonsillitis, no problems. However, as it turned out, surgical operation has other bad after-effects in the form of nose and paranasal sinuses diseases, and also severe weakening of immunity in general. And now experts all over the world are inclined to think that conservative treatment is better. Visit a doctor! He will advice what you should do! And quite possible, you need not only smearing of tonsils with light extracts, but also tablets and injections, to avoid more serious after-effects.