Tonsillitis – How to Naturally Treat This?


If your tonsils are white and swollen, your throat sore, your head achy and your body feverish, then you may have tonsillitis. This is a common condition that is classified as an inflammation of the tonsils.

It can generally be caused by a bacterial infection or a viral infection. If your tonsil inflammation is caused by a bacterial infection, then you will most like have to take a dose of antibiotics.

However, in about 85 percent of tonsillitis cases, the symptoms are caused by a viral infection. And, when it is a viral infection, there are natural, at home remedies to help treat this annoying illness. We have outlined some of the common treatments for viral tonsillitis below. All of these remedies can be easily found around the home.

Milk is a great treatment for swollen tonsils. Pure boiled milk combined with turmeric powder and pepper powder is the ultimate evening drink to kick your inflammation to the curb.

If boiled milk isn’t your thing, try freshly squeezed limes in warm water. Or, opt for a mixture of vegetable juices such as carrot, cucumber or beet juice. This will boost your immune system and sooth the throat.

Another option is to gargle with fenugreek seeds and water. You should allow the fenugreek seeds to simmer for a half an hour in the water and then set aside to cool before gargling with this mixture.

In many cases of tonsil inflammation, your problem may not be the result of a virus or a bacterial infection. Instead, it is caused by tonsilloliths.

If your tonsils feel swollen and there are white lumps in the back of your throat, but the rest of you feels okay, then you may have tonsilloliths. These are white balls of food, debris and mouth bacteria that get stuck in your tonsil cavities and cause bad breath and throat blockage.

For those tonsilloliths sufferers there are natural home remedies to treat your problem as well. And, the good news is, you don’t have to eat seeds. Instead you can try to cough the little balls out. Or, take a bobby pin or cotton swap and gently try to poke them out of place. If this doesn’t work, you can also try gargling with salt water to loosen the stones.

So whether you are suffering from a tonsillitis or tonsilloliths, there are home remedies to treat your problem the natural way.


Source by Anna Watson