Tonsillitis Causes and Home Treatment

Normally people get infected by tonsillitis sometime during their lives. This medical condition is what the public know as throat infection. Tonsillitis infections occur when there is an inflammation in the tonsils due to a virus or bacteria.

Tonsils is an organ in our bodies. It is part of our lymphatic system and consists of two identical ball-shaped parts located at the back of our throat behind and above the tongue. Being part of the lymphatic system they are considered one of the lymphatic nodes that are responsible in guarding our bodies against infections that we are subjected to from our environment, such as bacteria and viruses.

There is more than one cause to tonsillitis, bacteria being the most common cause. Other causes are parasites and fungi; however the cases where these organisms are the cause of such a disease are rare if you have a normal immune system.

A close connection has been suggested between this medical condition and smoking. This connection is not yet confirmed medically but it has been recorded that children living in households where their parents, or other relatives, are smokers are more subject to tonsillectomy, which the surgical removal of tonsils.

Tonsillitis is contaminated when you are in close contact to a person infected with the same disease. When the person breathes or coughs he spreads droplets. These droplets are passed to you through the air that you are breathing yourself.

Also if these droplets are left on your skin you can get contaminated when they are close enough to your mouth, eyes, or nose. You can feel the symptoms within two to five days after getting exposed to such disease-carrying agents.

If a person carrying this disease is not treated early then he will remain contagious for at least two weeks. This period can be lessened in case he was treated with antibiotics. When antibiotics treatment is administered this period can be lessened to only two days after the treatment starts.

Home Treatment

Home treatment is simply managing the symptoms while the body is fighting the infection naturally. It includes different measures to relief the symptoms, which basically are sore throat, running nose, nose congestion, and coughing. These treatments include:

  • Gargling with salty warm water. This must be administered many times a day. To prepare salty water just heat an 8 ounces of water to a warm state and add one teaspoon of salt.
  • Drinking warm liquids. Warm drinks soothes the throat pain, however some people find it more comfortable to drink cool drinks. You can take any kind of liquids such as soup, tea, or juice.
  • Having frozen desserts.
  • Over the counter pain killers. If you are giving pain killers to small children then be careful to follow the doctor’s instruction for the dosages and number of times the medicine should be taken.
  • Taking a fair share of rest.
  • Taking throat lozenges. You should not give lozenges to children since there is a risk of choking.

Tonsillitis is a common medical condition that infects millions around the world each year. Being so common it is important to take precautions such as staying away from people already contaminated with it or keeping your environment healthy and clean.