Tonsillectomy – Natural Treatments For Tonsillitis

For those who have ever suffered from a tonsil inflammation, you probably wish you could just hack off your tonsils. A tonsil inflammation, also called tonsillitis can cause a sore throat, ear pain, a headache, fever and chills and enlarged swollen tonsils. You will most likely have trouble swallowing and talking and generally feel like your entire throat has been injected with pain.

However, a tonsillectomy, or a surgery to remove your tonsils is not the only answer. It may seem like the best ways to stop tonsillitis from ever coming back; however, it also comes with certain dangers and costs that need to be discussed with a doctor.

Luckily there are natural home remedies for treating the symptoms associated with viral tonsillitis. These all-natural cures are the safer and cheaper alternative to a tonsillectomy.

Vegetable juices are a great way to heal your body and your throat. Carrots, beets, cucumber and other freshly squeezed veggie juices will boost your energy levels and also sooth that sore sensation in your throat. You can choose to buy a freshly squeezed juice from a health food store or grocery store or mix one up at home.

You can also choose to mix up a lime cocktail complete with salt to rim the glass. However, skip the tequila or vodka and instead add water to the lime juice mixture. Or, if you have some turmeric and pepper powder lying around the house, mix a pinch of each with a glass of pure boiled milk. The creamy mixture will coat your throat and dull the pain.

You can also try to take a bath with Epson salts which can take away those aches and pains. Or, apply a cold compress to the throat which will reduce the swelling. You can also gargle with salt water or even mouthwash, both proven to help with a sore throat.

In general it will take three to four days for a viral tonsil inflammation to clear up. However, you can reduce easily reduce the suffering at home. For those who are prone to chronic tonsil inflammations, a tonsillectomy may be a better option that the constant suffering. However, in most tonsil infections, it’s best to let it pass the natural way.

All of these above options are great alternatives to a tonsillectomy when it comes treating the symptoms of tonsillitis. You can get back to your daily life without having to go under the knife.