Tonsil Stones Treatment – How to Cure Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones treatment is available to all who want to help their problem and can be capable of astounding results for most, if used in the correct way. With this ailment it's not like taking a tablet and you are cured, you must change your daily oral routine a little and regularly keep using the products in the recommended way if you want to see good results.

A tonsil stone can be an annoying nuisance and give the feeling of a foreign body stuck in the throat for some. The stones can vary in size from being very tiny right up to the size of a pea, but people who only produce small stones may not feel them at all. Some only feel their presence when they eventually work loose and are coughed up into the mouth.

The scientific name for this condition is tonsilloliths and if you do suffer with tonsil stones this can be an indication that you may also have bad breath. The same volatile sulfur compounds are found in both conditions and if you ever break open a tonsil stone you will know just how awful the smell can be. The only way to describe the stench from the stones is by comparing it to rotten eggs or vomit.

Some try to squeeze out the tonsillolith by pressing and scratching at the tonsils with their fingers. Others attempt the same procedure using an implement of some kind to push them out of the crypts within the tonsil. Please be aware that this can be a potentially hazardous and unhygienic method of removing the stones with the possibility of making them bleed and feel sore.

If you do insist on squeezing them out, it is possibly better to first make sure you have scrubbed your hands clean and then use a moistened cotton bud to gently squeeze the tonsil until the tonsillolith works its way free. Remember that pushing anything down your throat can make you gag and will not cure tonsil stones for good. In fact this will do nothing at all for any bad breath issues or horrible dry tastes you may have and is not a method I would personally endorse.

The best tonsil stones treatment in my opinion and one that I have personally used to great effect is a complete oral hygiene kit that works at eliminating the underlying problems to stop the tonsilloliths and bad breath for good. If used correctly it should stop tonsil stones from ever forming again, get rid of any bad breath issues and give you that constant fresh breath feeling.