Tonsil Stones Only On One Side?

Tonsil stones can be formed only on one side of the throat or on both the sides.  They are normally formed in structures similar to glands called tonsils located at the back of the throat.  Tonsils are located on both the sides of the throat and are made out of tissues which consists of lymphocytes (cells present in the body which guards and fights against infections).  Tonsils play a vital role as part of the immune system of the body as they function very similar to the nets that trap bacteria and virus particles entering the mouth and passing via the throat. 

But in most people, tonsils do not function well and can even become a hindrance than being helpful.  Scientists believe that the not so effective functioning of the tonsils might be due to the highly polluted and populated environment we live in.  But there are also some persons who have got their tonsils removed become more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections than when compared to the persons with their tonsils intact.

Tonsil stones are usually formed when bacteria and viral infections along with other substances like mucous and dead cells get filled inside the tonsils’ crannies and nooks.  When this happens, white formations can be formed due to the concentration of debris inside the pockets.  Once this trapped debris becomes calcified and hard they convert in to tonsil stones.  Normally people suffering from chronic tonsils inflammation or due to repeated tonsillitis get tonsil stones. 

Tonsil stones only on one side can occur if the cervices or nooks on one side alone are deeper and affected by bacterial or viral infections.  Smaller size tonsil stones might not exhibit noticeable symptoms most of the time.  Larger size tonsil stones too go unnoticed without producing any symptoms but can be accidentally discovered on CT scans and X-rays.  But some types might exhibit various symptoms including bad breath or halitosis, sore throat, ear aches, hard to swallow foods and so on.

Appropriate tonsil stone treatment might depend on the tonsillolith size, health of the sufferer, presence of any other infection or illness and so on.  Many options are there to treat tonsil stones only on one side and on both the side.  Tonsil stones that do not exhibit any symptoms might not need any type of special treatment.  Smaller size tonsil stones can sometime be coughed up or gargled out easily.  Some even try to dislodge those using swabs or picks at home.  When they occur with bad breath, gargling with salt water, antibiotics can alleviate the problem.  Surgery might be required only in rare cases.

Home Remedies for Curing Tonsil Stones
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