Tonsil Stones in Children: Causes and Best Treatment Options


Tonsil stones are made up of the secretions of salivary glands that are overactive, oral bacteria and white blood cells.  They most often occur in adults than in children.  Once they are formed in children they should be taken to a doctor to find the best remedy to remove them.  If the tonsil stones in children are not handled properly, they can lead to various infections and make the condition worse for them.  It is better not to opt for the surgical solution for treating tonsil stones in children as tonsils play a great role in the immunity of their body.

The main job of the tonsils present in the back side of the throat is to protect the body from any possible diseases or infection attacking the children.  They protect the intestines and lungs form the invasion of foreign substances or bodies.  When tonsillectomy or surgery is performed it leads to the removal of part of the ring of defenders called as “Waldeyer’s Ring” which is made up of tonsils, adenoids and other kinds of lymphoid tissues.

In children tonsils tend to be bigger in size and play a vital role in guarding the body of them as a person grows the tonsils tend to shrink and become smaller in size.  Hence it is very important to guard them.  Tonsil stones in children might not cause any discomforts when are smaller in size and might not even exhibit any symptoms.  But they become large they can cause various discomforts and might also exhibit various symptoms.

Some of the common symptoms associated with tonsil stones in children are chocking, coughing, hard to swallow foods, halitosis, throat discomfort and metallic taste. Children should be looked after carefully especially when they have tonsil stones in order to not make the situation even worse.  Parents should go through their dental or oral hygiene and should teach them to do it properly.  Even though tonsil stones are not very complicated, but in children they can create great discomforts and other complications like hard to swallow food and even drink liquids.

To overcome the problem in children, they should be taught to gargle using salt water, brush their teeth and floss them properly.  They should be encouraged to brush after they consume their meals and before going to bed.  Rinsing the mouth should be taught so that they spit the dislodged unwanted particles from the mouth and keep the mouth clean.  Parents should not judge the condition of the tonsil stones in children, but should consult a doctor to get proper treatment.

Home Remedies for Curing Tonsil Stones
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