Tonsil Stones and What Causes Them

Tonsil stones, also medically known as tonsilloliths, are actually very common and can also be very irritating. These can appear as white, beige or yellowish spots on the tonsils and can feel uncomfortable as though something is stuck in your throat. Another symptom can be very bad breath. Sometimes these can be coughed up, but they don’t all fall out so easily. So what exactly are these beastly tonsil stones, and just what can be done about them?

These are actually masses of mucus and bacteria that form around tiny food particles that can get caught in tonsil crypts, which are simply pockets or divots in the surface of your tonsils (for this reason, the condition of having tonsil stones can also be known as “cryptic tonsils”). They generally cause no physical harm, but can be uncomfortable and the bad breath can be something that no-one would wish to bear. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics for this, but they often do nothing, as they aren’t quite the right tool for the right job.

Only very recently have tonsil stones and their causes been fully researched and understood, which is why most doctors may think that antibiotics can help. They might often mistake these as a precursor to tonsillitis, and recommend a tonsillectomy when the antibiotics seem to have no effect. But the truth of the matter is that the removal of your tonsils is not necessary at all, and would be like cutting down an apple tree just because you found a worm in two or three apples. There are herbal remedies for ridding ourselves permanently of tonsil stones, and drastic surgery is simply not needed. If a tonsillectomy is suggested to rid you of tonsil stones, is well recommended to seek a second opinion, perhaps from a doctor of naturopathy, or a doctor of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).