Tonsil Stones 101 – The Truth About Tonsil Stones

Ever had those small, irritating and foul-smelling rocks inside your tonsils? Well, those little devils are called tonsil stones. They may not be physically harmful but they have negative effects alright. These stones cause swallowing discomfort, weird sensation in the tonsils and worst, they cause bad breath. Talk about harmless.

People who cough up tonsil stones feel too embarrassed to tell anyone about their problem. Who would want to admit that they have stinky little particles sticking out of their tonsils? They also find it embarrassing consult a doctor about this. How would they start? “Hey doctor, I have stinky little particles sticking out of my tonsils. What’s wrong with me?” So these people just take to the books and Internet for information about the stones.

Tonsil stones are made up of food particles, dead cells from the mouth lining, keratin and bacteria. Food particles get stuck inside tonsil pockets. These bits are joined by post nasal drip, which is mucus that flows to the throat. The stones also contain traces of keratin, a type of protein found in hair and fingernails. Cells shed from the lining of the mouth are added to the mix. Mouth bacteria are also present in the tonsil rocks. The primary option for those who suffer from this problem is surgery. But not everyone has the time and money to go under the knife. So home remedies are made available for people – a lot of which can be found on the Net. A lot of websites, such as offer tonsil relief.