Tonsil Infections – How to Treat Swollen Tonsils

There are many causes for the white lumps that appear on tonsils. One is tonsillitis. This condition is causes white bumps on the tonsils, but it can also cause fever, chills, ear pain, and headaches. The other condition is called tonsilloliths. This is caused by a buildup of mouth debris and food particles. While not particularly painful, it can cause severe bath breath and a constant feeling as though something is caught in your throat.

There are treatments available for both conditions. The treatment for bacterial tonsillitis is antibiotics. Viral tonsillitis does not have a cure and will usually go away within a week’s time. Tonsiloliths need to be removed in order for you to get some relief.

In all cases, gargling with a mixture of boiled milk, mixed with turmeric and peppered power may help. Over the counter pain medications may help to relive some of the pain of tonsillitis.

For tonsiloliths, you will need to dislodge them from your tonsils. This can be done by using a syringe filled with warm salt water to flush them away. You may also find that using a cotton swab or toothpick may help. Make sure you don’t poke yourself, however.

In both cases, the answer is probably not a tonsillectomy. This surgery can cost a great deal of money and will have you out of work for many days. Try the home remedies first to see if you experience relief.

Thats it — with that you should be well on your way to living a safe tonsil stone free life.