Tonsil Crypts – Why Do I Get Tonsil Stones?

If you're a sufferer of chronic tonsil rocks in your tonsil crypts, you're probably thinking "Why me?"

Why do I get tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones (also known as tonsilloliths) form from a variety of different reasons and it is not necessarily your fault. You also should know that tonsilloliths are quite common. You are not alone in your struggle against bad breath and tonsilloliths.

First and foremost, let's explain what they are. These stones are off-white to yellow curd-like balls that form on the tonsils. They are made up of calcium, sulphur, dead cells, post-nasal drip and food particles. They can cause a sore throat and make swallowing difficult. Worst of all, they can cause foul smelling breath.

Both adult and children can get them but they are more common in adults. Some people get them but others do not. Post why?

Everyone is different. While some people are tall, others are short; while some people have small eyes; others have larger, more prominent eyes. This is the same with our tonsils. Some people have larger tonsils and wider tonsil crypts and crevices where tonsil stones can easily form. This is not something you did wrong; nor is it something you can prevent (unless you remove your tonsils all together).

Just because you get white balls in your tonsil crypts does not necessarily mean that you do not brush or floss your teeth. You may have an overactive salivary gland or an excess of oral bacteria.

Experts suggest that every day, every person's tonsils shed oral mucosa or dead cells, which is the stuff that lines the crypts of the tonsils. While some people swallow these dead cells, other's do not. They build up and turn into the white balls on your tonsil crypts.

If you are prone to tonsil stones you need to take extra precaution in your daily oral hygiene. Brush, floss, and gargle with non-alcoholic mouthwash daily. You can also add salt water into your regular oral hygiene routine which helps to reduce the build up of debris in your tonsil crypts.

So you've been 'blessed' with larger tonsil crypts, all the better for forming tonsil stones. Do not shy away from society and do not blame yourself. Practice good oral hygiene and embrace what you've been given with confidence.