Tongue Discoloration Disorders – Their Causes, Treatments and Remedies


Many of us have had to live with a problem that our doctors would rather have us ignore. We have been told it is normal even though we know it isn’t. We have been told it is nothing to worry about, even though we do. And we have been told that we should learn to live with it even though we don’t want to. The issue we suffer from is a discolored tongue and it is embarrassing as well as scary.

Discolored tongues come in a variety of strains. The culprits can be white, yellow or even a bright orange. Some of them are geographic and some of them are hairy. Some of them are symptoms of an STD and some of them are simple bacterial imbalances. Knowing which one applies to you is a little hard to tell at times, and getting rid of them can be even harder.

Tongue discolorations can also be due to fungal infections. The good news is these are often easy to beat. Fungal infections are treated with anti-fungal mouth rinses or antibiotics. A very common fungus that is found in your mouth is Candida Albicans. Candida Albicans is a genus of yeast and is better known as thrush, or in animals, as hoof and mouth disease.

However, many people are not able to get any help from their doctors, it is up to them to find home remedies and treatments. Many try a variety of toothpastes and mouthwashes to no avail. They rinse their mouths out and gargle three, four, five times a day and it does nothing to help. Many battle with this issue only to wake up to the same strange issue each morning with no relief in sight. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. There are people who have beat it. The methods that they used may work for you too.

What has been effective for many who are affected is the use of vitamins and supplements as well as all natural extracts to tame the disease and whip their tongues back into shape. For some getting their Acid in take and Body Ph back into balance has been the key. Some people use a combination of these in order to get short and long term relief. Maybe these self treatments are the answer for you too.

Whatever the cause of a tongue discoloration, I think we can all agree it is not normal. Since it is not normal, we should not have to suffer for it. So try whatever it takes to get your tongue back to its normal healthy tongue color so that you can go on with your life without the embarrassing effects of this self esteem crushing ailment.