Tomato, Spinach and Broccoli: Three Guardian Angels for Men

Many men like to eat meat in everyday life. They always want wine and meat and ignore vegetables. In fact, the nutritional value of vegetables can not be ignored. Many vegetables contain essential nutrients needed by the human body. Generally speaking, tomato, spinach and broccoli are the effective guardian angels for men.

Tomato can help men prevent prostatic disorders. According to the medical research, tomato contains lycopene which can prevent prostatic disorders, protect the heart blood vessels and reduce the risks of getting the heart disease. The lycopene can effectively resist oxidation, remove free radicals and protect the cells, which can further stop the process of cancerization and reduce the risks of obtaining the cancer like pancreatic cancer, carcinoma of the rectum, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer and lung cancer. In addition, the nicotinic acid contained in tomato can maintain the normal secretion of gastric acid, accelerate the formation of red blood cells and protect the skin for men. The tomato juice can also improve the urination and prevent nephritis for men. Therefore, men should increase the intake of tomato in daily life so as to prevent various diseases and keep their bodies healthy.

Spinach can improve the quality of sex life for men. The abundant vitamins contained in spinach can effectively prevent angular stomatitis and nyctalopia. According to the research, the adequate intake of spinach can effectively prevent the degeneration of retina. What's more, the anti-oxidants contained in spinach can accelerate the reproduction of cells, which can activate the functions of brain and defer the aging. At the same time, the integration of folic acid and iron can accelerate the synthesis of red cells, improve the blood circulation and raise the quality of sex life. In addition, a large amount of magnesium can enhance the strength of muscles for the male body.

Broccoli can help men prevent prostatic cancer. Nowadays, prostatic cancer has become an important killer among men. Nearly 220000 men can be died of the disease each year. Therefore, men can effectively prevent the disease by increasing the intake of brocoli moderately. Broccoli can also play an important role in killing the bacteria which can cause gastric cancer. In addition, broccoli contains abundant flavonoid which can prevent infection, the oxidation of cholesterol and the condensation of blood platelets so as to decrease the risks of getting the heart disease and apoplexy. Therefore, it is necessary for men to frequently eat broccoli in everyday life.