Toenail Fungus Zapped with the Noveon Laser

There are an estimated $4. 0 billion used on fungal diseases, including $1. 5 billion for onychomycosis or toenail fungus. Around 35 million individuals in the United States, and 700 million globally, suffer from toenail fungus. Patients and physicians alike have few or no treatment options because of the safety worries related to oral medications available as the current ordinary treatment. Many of of these strong drugs may cause liver harm! This is surely a risk that some are not more than willing to take.

There are home remedies and there are thousands of products being pushed on the world wide web, nevertheless, the resolution for toenail fungus remains elusive. Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist, sees dozens of people every week complaining of the unsightly nail deformities. These patients have expended hundreds of dollars on remedies with no success. They have become so frustrated, says Dr. Katz. People just want to wear their sandals in sunny Florida without feeling self-conscious.

I’m at all times on the lookout for the most advanced technology to support my patients and now I’ve found the answer, LASER. And not just any laser therapy. In my view, the Noveon appears to be the winner.

Originally, Dr. Katz investigated the Pinpointe laser but wasn’t impressed. His opinion was that the laser had not been properly studied and he notes that the Pinpointe still has NOT been FDA approved for fungal nails or onychomycosis in the US. In addition, the Pinpointe uses an Nd: YAG laser at 1064 nm in the infrared zone that has a higher incidence of burns and may turn normal cells into potentially cancer causing cells.

The Pinpointe beam is not controlled and is dependent on the user placing the beam in the right way and keeping it at a set distance. Without this control the treatment success can vary and spots can be missed. Katz stated that the Noveon has conquered this problem by using pods that control the distance and the intensity of the beam contacting the nail. The actual laser device controls the treatment seamlessly permitting for the most successful outcome with a reproducible dose of laser at a specified distance every time.

The Noveon uses 2 different wavelengths of low energy near infrared beams that develop death using light(not heat) without harming the normal tissues. Katz states that this allows for more exhaustive treatments and better results with less probability of injury.

If you are already going to have the treatment and spend the cash you ought to have the best, said Katz. And he believes that it is worth the wait for FDA approval of the Noveon which should be in early 2010.

Dr. Katz has been chosen by Nomir medical to be one of the early adopters of this cutting edge technology to eliminate toenail fungus. The laser is powerful, proven and allows for reproducible results in a safe setting. Patients are already waiting in line for the treatments, says Katz. The treatment is not covered by insurance but the need is still big! The cost will likely be between 800 to 1200 dollars for the full treatment course.

There’s no pain involved with the treatment. Most patients will undergo 3 separate treatment sessions with almost no side-effects. The treatment session lasts 20 minutes or less and is performed in a comfortable office setting.

So get ready to say goodbye to unsightly toenail fungus. For" target="_blank">