Toenail Fungus Treatment – Home Remedies That Work

Toenail fungus (Onychomycosis) is becoming very common throughout the world. Millions of people suffer from this fungus and thousands develop it each year.

Toenails become infected with fungus in a variety of ways. Usually it is developed because of excess moisture around the toes. This explains why toenails get infected much more frequently than fingernails.

Common ways people develop toenail fungus is by walking around barefoot in a locker room, public shower, or pool area. The chances of catching a fungus can be greatly reduced by wearing sandals in these areas.

A break in the nail helping the fungus to enter could be a cause. This includes cutting your toenails too short causing a minor cut. This can lead to a fungus infection.

Wearing wet and sweaty athletic shoes can also cause toenail fungus. Make sure your shoes are dry before putting them on. In addition wear water absorbent socks to reduce your chances of catching a fungus.

Indications of toenail fungus include:

– A bad smell coming from under the toenail.

-If the nail gets flaky or extremely brittle usually this is a sign of early stages of toenail infection.

-If you feel a stinging pain at any point on your toe.

-If the nail starts fogging up or developing a black, brown, or yellow spot or spots.

Treating toenail infections early is important. The longer you wait the worse the case becomes and will become harder to treat.

Prescription drugs can be a remedy in treating toenail infection. This method is a rather extreme one. These drugs are very expensive and treatment will take months. These pills also have strong toxics in them that can cause liver disease or failure. In one case study it indicated that .5% of people develop liver disease from taking these medications.

Homemade remedies for the treatment of toenail fungus will sometimes prove to be effective in eliminating the fungus.

Tee tree oil is a plant extract that acts as a fungus killer. Rub the toenail with this twice a day. Make sure you do not miss treatment. I’ve experienced moderate success with this in combination with other treatments.

Listerine is a mouthwash that can be found in any grocery or drug store. It is recommended that toenails be soaked for up to 30 minutes two or three times a day. This didn’t work for me but maybe it will work for you.

Vick’s Vapor Rub is a common way to try and treat toenail fungus. It’s been recommended to me several times. However I’ve had absolutely no luck with this treatment method.

Make sure when you treat foot fungus you avoid getting it back. Take preventative measures to the causes mentioned above.