Toenail Fungus Treatment and Why Proper Cutting of Your Nails Matters

Toenail fungus treatment options vary from unproven home remedies to somewhat dangerous prescription drugs.  However, some sufferers will see dramatic changes with basic and better care of their nails. 

In addition to the proper washing and drying of your feet on a daily basis, keeping your nails trimmed properly is crucial in fighting against nail fungus. 

Dangers of Not Keeping Your Toenails Cut

One of the ways that some people get toe nail fungus is from trauma or damage to the toe nail.  A gap or split in the nail may give an easy entry point to fungi looking for a new place to live. 

If your nails are too long, they may bang or rub against the inside of your shoe and cause an opening.  In addition, excessively long nails will often begin to curve and not grow straight.  This can lead to possible ingrown toenails which also lead to openings for fungi. 

Benefits of Keeping Nails Trimmed

1.  Less likely to get ingrown toenails which can lead to fungus invasion.

2.  Reduces the chance of nail trauma and expensive toenail fungus treatment. 

3.  Eliminates nail debris caused by fungi and may reduce foot smell. 

4.  May help to stimulate new and faster nail growth. 

Tips on Cutting Nails

It’s important that your nails are cut straight across the top and not rounded on the sides.  This could lead to ingrown nails.  Try cutting nails after they are softened from a shower, bath, or foot soak.  Use a file to smooth rough edges.  There are some electric devices that may make this task easier. 

Make sure not to use unclean clippers whether at home or in a salon.  Toenail fungus is very contagious and can be easily transferred to you from the use of contaminated nail clippers. 

If you are struggling to get clear nails again, there are several treatments for toenail fungus that use powerful antifungal ingredients like thymol, tea tree oil, and undecylenic acid to halt the growth of fungus safely and naturally.