Toenail Fungus – Toenail Discoloration

Are your feet, better yet, are your toes feeling less than fresh these days? You’ve noticed some discoloration on one of your toe nails and your starting to wonder why because you know for certain that you did not injury it. They look dingy and off color so you decide to take a closer look later on tonight.. Hopefully, its not toenail fungus because you know for certain that a few of the other women at work are currently treating their own conditions.

Welcome! You have just joined the ranks of the masses meaning, you are just another one of those 35 million people in the world who suffer from toenail fungus. It is a disease of the nails and quite contagious. You probably contacted it from somebody at work, a partner or from some public facility such as a gym, nail salon or the public swimming pool where you take the kids or you maybe your over 65 or a diabetic. All these conditions can attribute to the appearance of toenail fungus, toenail discoloration and yes, age has allot to do with it.

The first sign of toenail fungus is the discoloration of the nail on the hands or toenails on the feet. You could be seeing signs on one nail or many. It invades your nail beds and starts the process of discoloring the affected nail. If you have seen the little critter on tv, this little guy takes residence under your nails and wont leave until you force him out. The contagious nature of this disease is the reason why so many people are infected.

Toenail discoloration – The color of gold.

The color of gold, depending on its purity, is yellow to deep yellow in color. Toenail discoloration due to toenail fungus can also start as a golden yellow, yellowish or brownish color. This is usually the most popular color signs but it can also turn green even spotted white so you could have a cornucopia of different color variations on your nails.

It starts at the nail bed then works itself down the nail until the entire nail is an ugly mixture of colors. Advanced cases look white or completely white in color and show signs of a serious deformation of the nail. Be warned, once the nail starts to deform there is little hope of getting it straightened and looking like it used too. This is why its so important to start a treatment as soon as you can. Treat it before the nails start showing signs of bending and curling all over the place.

How can i get rid of toenail discoloration associated with toenail fungus?

You should start a treatment as soon as possible. Don’t wait thinking it will get better on its own. It usually wont. The bacteria (spores) are contagious and can be transmitted to others, so keep that in mind. Try to educate your loved ones and take precautions not too spread it too them if possible. After all, education about how it spreads is the best prevention.

There are a number of products on the market (non prescription) that will effectively treat toenail fungus and toenail discoloration. The important thing to remember is that your treatment can take awhile, depending on the severity of your condition. For example, if you have left your condition fester for months or even years, its going to take much longer to get rid of it than someone who took immediate action to cure it when they noticed it. Treatment can range from only a few weeks to months.

Try A Natural Cure for toenail fungus, I did.

A Natural cure should include natural ingredients so be sure to choose a product that includes something like Tree Tee Oil, Lemon grass extra and Vitamin E oils. Usually you will find a fast cure using an over the counter product instead of reverting to a prescription ( not recommended), that could harm you. Some of the best cures can only be purchased online so do your homework.

Take control of toenail fungus, don’t let it control your life. This thing can turn nasty very quickly and the last thing you want to deal with are distorted nails, even after it is cured, will never look the same. Don’t let it get that far.

Where to get more information on toenail fungus.

June Holland is and ex toenail fungus sufferer. Read my story and find out how i cured my toenail fungus in less then 3 weeks and what treatment options I used.