Toenail Fungus Remedies That Work – Best Treatment For Toenail Fungus

Hello Foot Fungus Sufferers!

If you have ever gotten a toenail fungus infection, you know by now that they are not the easiest things to get rid of. Not only that, but they are quite unsightly and even nasty in some of the most extreme cases. Luckily for both you and I, there are remedies for nail fungus.

Try this treatment you can do in your own home:

  1. First cut your nails – First thing you need to do is cut your nails down as low as you can get them without injuring your finger. This processes helps get rid of the fungus on the surface of your nail, as well as open up the skin under your nail for the next treatment.
  2. 30 minute vinegar foot baths – Before I talk about this remedy, I want to say that this treatment does not work for everybody – some strands of fungus are immune to it and vinegar really is not powerful enough to cure heavier fungus infections. Anyway, what you need to do is fill up a container big enough for both your feet with vinegar (about 2-3 inches deep, or enough to cover your nails entirely). Then for 2-3 weeks, each day soak your feet in the bath for 30 minutes. You will want to change the vinegar every 4-5 days.
  3. Some people say Listerine works too – I have read a lot of comments that people say to soak your feet in Listerine instead of vinegar for best results. That said, I still say Listerine foot baths are only good for minor infections. Like the vinegar, it lacks in penetrative power to get to the root of your infection.

Luckily for those with a worse infection, there is one solution that works very well – perhaps the best you can use for any nail fungus infection. Read the info below.