Toenail Fungus – How To Treat Toenail Fungus

How to treat toenail  fungus  when your toenails are the most common breed of fungal infections? While it is common, toenail  fungus  it is not really that easy to get rid of. Everywhere you go,  fungi  is present, and they can render other bad results on your body as well.

Take the toenail, for instance. When it is infected, the nails will appear thick and dull. Sooner or later, it will become breakable and will lead to the loss of your toenail. Not only does it look absolutely unpleasing. It has a stinking smell due to the  fungus  that has infected the toenail.

Plus, it is really unhealthy and unhygienic. Because of the tough resistance of our barriers against  fungus  getting into the nails, as soon as they get inside, they are hard to get rid of. There are treatments you can use to treat toe nail  fungus  which are either topical, surgical, or by medications, you can use these to fight back against the fungal infection.

Some treatment like medications, can be very costly and some products are found to be very cheap and they are good at getting rid of nail  fungus  infections, but they have to be used for a long time, or else nothing will happen even with the attempts. Even if the  fungus  may have appeared to have been cleared up, the  fungus  may comeback when you stop using the medication.

If you are unsure of the signs of having a nail  fungus , you might need to see if the nails are getting yellowish, and occasionally brownish. They also become thick and breakable which leads to an easy breaking of the nails. Also check to see if the tips of your nails appear to be crumbling.

To prevent nail  fungus , you will need to avoid wearing nylons when possible and switch to cotton or all natural wool instead. Make sure you wear breathable shoes when going out and always wash your feet and dry them really good. Sharing your wash cloths and towels are not recommended, because wet surfaces easily transfer bacteria.

Also try not to wear nail polish, avoid it because it is one of the main causes of nail infection. Same goes while already infected. Even though you have these choices of topical, surgical and oral to get rid of toe nail  fungus , there are still some things in your house that you could temporarily apply to treat it.

If you are already prone to the infection, it is advisable that you keep reading below to find out how to treat toenail  fungus .