Toenail Fungus – Cures, Treatments and Tips

Million of Americans suffer from toenail fungus. Toenail fungus causes the nails to get thick and change color. Occasionally, they look crusty and bumpy, and at times, dark-green, yellow or brownish in appearance. The nails can curve inward at the sides and thicken considerably. A lot of times, the nails can feel painful and result in ingrown toenails. Diabetics, and those with a low immune systems have a greater chance of contracting a toenail fungus infection. Other people, such as the elderly, have an increased risk of getting toenail fungus. The risk of getting a toenail fungus infection increments with old age. Athletes, hikers, runners, backpackers, soccer, basketball and tennis players. Fungus matures and flourishes in warm moist areas such as closed toed shoes and non breathable clothing such as socks. There is an increases chance of infection for those with excessive sweating of their feet, known as hyperhidrosis.

What effective treatment options are available?

There are a number of treatments for onychomycosis. Forget about all those home remedy cures you find on the Internet. Most of them don’t work and leads to frustration without results. Your main goal should be to treat toenail fungus as soon as possible so it doesn’t spread to other nails and other people. Yes, toenail fungus is contagious so be careful. If your condition is serious do seek medical advice but also be aware that prescription drugs have side effects, effects that even the medical professionals don’t have complete answers too, or don’t want to tell you about. Prescriptions are very expensive and may require a long term treatment that is enough to break anyone’s bank account especially if your don’t have medication insurance.

If you have medication insurance and your a diabetic, your insurance company may consider onychomycosis a medical condition, and will cover the treatment. Other medical insurance package may also cover treatment so be sure to ask before you seek treatment.

Other treatments to consider of course are topical treatments that have been shown to be highly effective and of course, safer than prescriptions. They are also very affordable which saves you allot of money especially if you cant really afford it or have no medical insurance. A safe topical should consist of only natural ingredients and should be easy to apply. Whatever product you decided on, make sure that you follow the instructions. If the product states that you should use it 3 times per week then make sure you do exactly that otherwise you may not see the results your expecting. Many people buy a product but don’t follow the recommended application then they wonder why its not working as well as it should.

Hopefully i have covered the things you should do here to treat your toenail fungus. To your success.

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June Holland is and ex toenail fungus sufferer. Read my story and find out how i cured my toenail fungus in less then 3 weeks and what treatment options I used.