Toenail Fungus – Cure for Toenail Fungus


Finger nail and toe nail fungus is a very common fungal infection affecting millions of people. Although it is common, it is not as easy to treat as many people would think. Fungus is everywhere, in our environment and in our bodies and can even take up residence in our nail beds. When infected, the nails will look thick and dull. Eventually, it will become crumbly and could result tin the loss of your nail or even your toe nail. It looks ghastly, feels unpleasant. and can even dispel a bad odor, as the nail beings to root and die. Our nail beds are not very well protected so its easy for the fungus spore to enter without too much effort.

Treatments come in all shapes and sizes. Surgery, prescription drugs, over the counter topical solutions. One things for certain, prescription drugs are expensive and not guaranteed to yield results.It also involves side effects that even the medication professionals are reluctant to tell us. Many people don’t have health insurance so this is not an option. A better alternative is too try a topical solution that contains natural ingredients. Some of these topical solutions have shown to be very effective in eliminating nail fungus infections completely, with proper use. Long term or short term, they do work to cure nail and toenail fungus. Treatment can last as long as a month or even longer but to be sure its completely gone you should consider running your treatment even after your condition is completely eliminated just incase. In my case, i continue to treat all my nails even though my condition clear up many months ago. Its just good preventative maintenance.

In certain cities where humidity is a problem during certain months of the year, for ladies, try to reduce your use of nylons and switch to cotton or natural wool. I know this is not possible for some, but if you’ve have a history of toenail fungus in the past, this is one way to reduce a re occurrence. At the same time, men and women should try to wear breathable shoes and keep your feet washed and dried as much as possible. Do you have a history of sweaty feet? If you do, wearing breathable shoes is very important and can help. Other important an infection as spores can easy spread to others.

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June Holland is and ex toenail fungus sufferer. Read my story and find out how i cured my toenail fungus in less then 3 weeks and what treatment options I used.