Toenail Fungus Cure and Preventions

Toenail  fungus  cure can be done in according to the medications given by the doctor. Some doctors may prescribe the following drugs,

o Sporonox

o Diflucan

o Fulvicin

o Lamisil

But these drugs may produce some side effects such as stomach problems, pain in head and damage to liver. If we mix this with some other medicines can cause serious problems to our immunity system.

These are very expensive as well. It may cost up to $900 for the medication towards the toenail  fungus  cure. The research study reveals that 50% of the people who got infected are only cured using those above mentioned drugs. It takes nearly 1and ½ year completely cure from this disease. It’s too long to get cured from this infection. Isn’t it?

Let we try out the new product named as futspa toenail  fungus  solution is natural, less cost, safe and trouble-free to use. It’s very successful to the infected persons. Its main ingredients are tea tree oil, lavender and aromatic plant. Tea tree oil is good antiseptic and will fight against the  fungus  producing toenail  fungus  infection.

How to use this product? It’s a question you can ask now. Its very simple, pour one or two drops of the futspa to the foundation of the nail. It will help to restore the natural healthy feet if you continuously use for a few more weeks.

We have recognized that it’s important to use the product until the infected tissue is completely cured. We have to wait for nearly one month to get the fruitful result. After the tissues got cured we have to apply for few more weeks giving time for the new nails to grow. The main of this product is, we have to confirm that this  fungus  is completely beaten in all means.

After the toenail  fungus  cure we have to very cautious that it won’t come again. We have to avoid those places that  fungus  prevailing more. You have to follow the below precaution points to prevent you from toenail  fungus  infection again,

o You have to keep your foot always dry, so that  fungus  would not concentrate in the moist areas

o Wear 100% cottons socks while you wearing the shoes. Because nylon socks would not allow the moisture to go out

o Wear shoes that permit air inside your shoes. The moisture have to be get exchanged in order prevent the  fungus  accumulation.

o Avoid sharing your own things with other. And you too don’t share things with you such as towels, shoes, wash cloths and some more.

o Keeping your foot dry will helps the prevention of the  fungi . It loves warm and moisture conditions.

o While drying your toes use the towel strongly so that the dead skin can be removed.

o Another important point in toenail  fungus  cure and prevention is to remove the socks as often as possible so as to keep your foot dry.

Toenail  fungus  cure and prevention methods are widely discussed here. As long as keeping your toes dry, you can fight toenail  fungus .

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