Toenail Fungus Cure – 3 Things That Don’t Work As a Cure For Nail Fungus

Nail fungus can make your toenails look down right nasty. Although nail fungus won’t kill you it can be a real downer in your social life among friends and family. I’ve often thought if they ever wondered why I wore close toed shoes in the dead of summer. Usually I don’t have to ponder that thought too long because my 7 year old son is quick to point out to everyone that he meets that his Dad has a “fungus toe”. I am extremely embarrassed at that point and am ready to get out of the situation quickly! After tons of those scenarios I began to get serious about finding toenail fungus remedies that actually worked.

I’ve tried the following popular home remedy methods and they all failed miserably:

  • Vick’s Vapor Rub
    • Result: Nothing, but a toe that smelled like menthol
  • Listerine Mouth Wash
    • Result: My wife wouldn’t let me in the bed because she didn’t want the sheets to stink like antiseptic. It did nothing for my toenail.
  • Tea Tree Oil
    • Result: I had high hopes for this one…and all I got was a toe that smelled like a cross between the Listerine and the Vapor Rub.

I followed the instructions for those three potential remedies to a tee. No deviation whatsoever and tried them for several months. It wasn’t just a hit and miss application for me. It quickly became a religion because I wanted to get rid of the nail fungus quickly. I was fed up with it and couldn’t take the embarrassment any longer. For Pete’s sake, my 7 year old was spreading the word about my nasty toenail fungus faster than a speeding bullet. I had to get it fixed fast because the father son talk about how some things were private and could only be discussed with his mother and me (like toenail fungus) just didn’t seem to sink in, and I really couldn’t punish him for his remarks. He was just a little kid telling the truth…his Dad had a fungus toe. Actually, as soon as he told someone about it he would pipe up and say “Show ’em your toe Dad!”