Toe Nail Fungus – What Does Toe Nail Fungus Mean?

You must have heard of people contracting toe nail fungus infections but do you know what toe nail fungus actually is? Do you know what the condition actually means and what effects it could entail? I am stressing so much on these aspects because knowing these in depth is going to be as good as preventing yourself against toe nail fungus. I do not intend to put you through the tiresome research process on the condition though for I have already compiled the gist for you to benefit from. Read on then to know all about this fungal infection:

1. What Is Toe Nail Fungus?

Commonly known as “ringworm of the nail” and “toe nail fungus”, the condition is medically referred to as Onychomycosis. It is a pretty common disease and widespread because of the fact that it largely goes undetected unless the problem assumes a gruesome shape.

2. What Does It Appear Like?

The condition is accompanied with a yellow, thickened nail plate with rough and brittle nails, usually separated from the nail bed. There is no initial pain or discomfort associated with the condition but as it grows and spreads to other nails, pain could begin to be experienced.

3. The Probable Causes

The fungal infection is actually caused by tiny organisms which tend to grow in damp and humid environments. Toenails then become most susceptible to the condition because of the damp, sweaty, airless environment that regular wearing of shoes subjects the feet to. Further, any minor skin lesions or cuts anywhere on the body could increase your chances of falling prey to this infection.

4. Risk Factors

Here are some most common factors that open one up to the risk of contracting toe nail fungus infections:

o family history

o poor health

o warm, humid climates

o HIV or drug induced immunosuppression

o occlusive footwear

o use of communal bathing spaces

o participation in fitness activities

Prevention And Cures

While toe nail fungal prevention could be as easy as practicing good hygiene habits and being sensitive towards getting even the minutest symptoms diagnosed without delay, the cures too are aplenty depending upon the gravity of your condition. Topical remedial applications or medications work best for most cases but surgeries could be required for extreme ones. But please, do not panic because the condition is completely curable and recognizing the signs of incipience of the infection is the best step towards effectively curing it.

I suffered from fungal infection in my toe nails and got cured successfully after trying a natural cream made from herbs. I’m sure, it would permanently cure your fungal infection as well!