Toe Nail Fungus and Epsom Salts – Why it Works

Epsom salts has been known to treat Toe nail fungus. It has been one of the most popular options used by people. It’s natural, it’s cheap as well as readily available. But it takes sometime for the nail fungus to be cured, or it might not even be cured at all. But to many people, toe nail fungus and Epsom salts have been a good combination to cancel out each other.

This kind of salt is readily available. Those with nail fungus might want to try this treatment out. It can be found in the grocery store; just ask for Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate, as it is oftentimes called. Also, get a nail filer as well. Before you start treatment using Epsom salts, you have file the affected nail as much as comfortably possible. Also, you have to file your nails regularly so that the Epsom salt can penetrate deeper into the nail. This could be a great help in speeding up the recovery process.

Here are the recommended steps on how to treat toe nail fungus with Epsom salts:

1. In shallow basin or container, mix a palm-full of epsom salt with very hot water. The water should be not be so hot that it will burn your skin. Most people have observed that using hot water is much more effective than using lukewarm water.

2. Immerse your toes into the solution of Epsom salts and hot water for at around 15 to 20 minutes. You can read a magazine or watch a TV show while doing this. Toe Nail Fungus and Epsom salts cannot stand being with each other, the solution can slowly yet effectively prevent the spread of the nail fungi.

3. If the water is a bit too hot, you can just dip your toes for a few seconds just for it to be wet, and then pour Epsom salt on the affected nails directly. After a few minutes after the water is cool enough, you can dip your toes already.

4. Within the fifteen minutes of soaking, add epsom salt on the affected toes. Let the Epsom salts surround your nail entirely. The idea is that there’s a good amount of magnesium sulfate around your toenails.

5. The longer you soak your toes, the better. There’s no time limit for this, you can do this for several hours. You don’t need to reheat the water. Just make sure you trim your nails as close to the skin as possible so that the solution will go deeper.

6. This treatment should be done twice a day. Some people even do it 3 or more times a day. This is to make sure that the fungus does not grow back and it will speed up the treatment process.