Today’s World is a Most Dangerous Place

There is no denying the fact that today’s world is not doctrinaire, astute and cultured, rather it is full of hazards and alarming. Still nowadays, unconstrained social evils are widespread in the world. Not only in our country, but also in many parts of the world, sleaze, violence, dowry system, traffic congestion, pollutions and high rate of population survive terrifically. In earlier times, the people were peaceful in the sense that they did not know how to use weapons to mess up others. In modern world, the use of atomic energy has been impishly enhancing for which the safe and sound continued subsistence for humans are being meticulous day by day. If we look around the world, we will watch that the numbers of wars are increasing day by day for which the war against terrorism is a burning question right now. The history says, by a mammoth invasion of the terrorists, the world largest business centre situated in America has been crushed. It is a matter of great regret that the super power countries like USA, Germany, France, Russia and Great Britain failed to retaliate such attacks.

It is imperative to note that in Hiroshima and Nagashika of Japan during First World War, atom bomb had been unnerved on the soil of Japan, the first sun rising country. The end product of such atom bomb was so fatal that even today; such venomous influences are all-encompassing in the world on a large scale. Modern world is the world of threat, perils and painful and as such, the war of Vietnam was dangerous that unlimited people had been killed. The war of Iraq is most disparaging and scandalous because each and every day due to terror campaign attack, uncounted people are being killed irrespective of high or low. The peace loving forces are trying to control the country relating to law and order situation, but it is becoming difficult to control the country on the part of the alliance forces against the rebel forces. The rebel forces think that hey are fighting against the occupancy of foreign foes and according to them, they will fight till date until or unless Iraq is liberated. From the consequences of such war, we can decide that all wars cannot bring good harvest rather than the people of the world who do not find any ways to live with peace, society, friendship and love. In the midst of many arguments and debates, it seems that today’s world is full of perils and dangerous place.

Due to the fact that corruption exists immensely for which we can articulate that where there is no accountability, there lies corruption and it occurs in case of dealing money in exchange of anything. In my opinion, it is the sum of total resources expressed in terms of current monetary units and the discretion power which is the authority and empowerment to spend and minus accountability. Moreover, Smoking emerge due to delay in healing of stomach ulcers; it trims down the senses of smell and taste; slows down reflexes which causes smokers more prone to accidents; and gives an unpleasant smell from the breath, clothes, and homes of smokers. Very current survey illustrates that smokers endanger the health of non-smokers. Pregnant women smokers tend to have smaller babies than non-smokers, and their babies are more likely to be born dead or die a few days after birth. Besides such tremendously adverse affects, the children of smoking parents have more lung infections in the first years of life than the children of non-smokers. During one hour in a smoky room, a non-smoker can inhale as much cancer-causing substances as some one smoking 15 filter-tip cigarettes. Illness related to smoking is very expensive. In U.K., France, Germany, China and USA, it results in the loss of about 60 millions working days a year, treatment costs several hundreds thousands dollar a day, and it causes the death of over a million people a week. However, those who give up smoking greatly reduce their chances of developing diseases.

There is no denying the fact that the profligate limits of social life in our country envisage the identity as a great threadbare for overall affluence and fiscal accuracy in our country. It is certitude that the sociable evils like teen labor, acid sadism, dowry system, strangling maids, raping, indoor pollutions; corruption and drug addiction are mammoth constraints as mixed with our blood and bone. Drug craving and Alcoholism are the causes of social disorder for which a society remains congested from all sorts of progression. In case of personage prospect, drug obsession is atrocious work, which mingles many other fatalities like cancer, coronary, and phthisis. Drug addict is such phenomena with which a person fails to accomplish his bright lot, being laden with superstitious and mentally being disrobed, he becomes then unable to get rid of such bottleneck. Drug addiction is not only bad habits but also an evil force that spoils the men’s life. There is no suspicion that the young people are found more to be captivated as compared to other evil forces that tremendously affect people to go astray and miscarriage. They are somehow subjective to take drugs like heroine, chorus, phencidel, wine cigarettes, alcohol and many other addicted materials very harmful for health and hygiene. When a person somehow leaves hope of life, in due course he thinks that drug addiction is only the way for which he can survive on earth and as such in the next course, he takes drugs after drugs and become addicted. When in one time, he becomes obsessive; he cannot give up those addictions because he remains in the state of hallucinations and emotionally distortions. Hence Alcoholics do not drink simply for pleasure, but because they presume that they cannot face life’s problems ingrained in blood and bone without alcohol. It is a significant fact that more road mishap results from unwieldy ingestion than from any other cause. This is due to the fact that alcohol slows down reflexes, interferes with concentration and distance judgment, and increases recklessness. It is a fact that heavy drinking can cause cancer of the mouth, gullet, stomach, and liver. It upsets the digestion and reduces blood cell formation, causing anemia.

Suffice it to say that alcohol causes shrinkage of the brain, reducing the powers of abstract reasoning, and it destroys liver cells causing this organ to store abnormally large amounts of fat. In severe cases, alcoholics suffer numbness and paralysis of the limbs. Some alcoholics suffer a disorder known as delirium tremens when forced to stop drinking and besides this, vomiting occurs and the whole body begins to shake and in due course, it is followed by hideous and often ghastly visions. A drug can be defined as a chemical material that affects the mind and only the so-called hard drugs are irresistible. These include the opiates: opium, morphine, and heroine. A drug addict comes to depend upon a drug so that life is no longer bearable without it. Addiction occurs because, like alcohol, more and more of the drug is required to produce its desired effects. Furthermore, if the drug supply is out of the blue cut off an addict suffers withdrawal symptoms and these can be drastically lethal. That is to say, they become dependent upon alcohol without realizing it and as such for the first time, pleasing effects are produced by one or two drinks, but soon larger and larger amounts are needed to yield these effects, until self control is unduly irrevocable. Morphine, heroine, and other drugs that are often injected involve the risk of infection from dirt hypodermic needles.

Suffice it to say; in most places of the world, without corruption and malpractices, nothing is possible to be performed. Due to lack of honesty, sincerity and simplicity, the world has become unsuitable for living. Terrorism is another threat against healthy life in society. We need to be dedicated to work sincerely and painstakingly to eliminate such hurdles. Besides this, price hike is a great bottleneck against peaceful survival on earth because; the prices of all sorts of commodities are beyond the buying capacity of the people. In Bangladesh, floods, draught, cyclone, earthquake and epidemic diseases are the common visitors to the people of this beautiful land with ever green beauties of nature. The people living beside the sea shore always face misfortunes of water surge and thus they are being victimized almost every year; even if, in a year, they may be infected with such misfortunes. Besides sides, due to smoking and addictions of drugs, unlimited problems are being created every times for which the whole nation wants to get rid of from such hurdles. There exists a remarkable extent of evidences that a variety of awful diseases emerge often in smokers than non-smokers and these diseases are: Lung cancer; emphysema causing thinning and weakening of lung tissue; cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, gullet, bladder, and pancreas; coronary thrombosis causing snarl-up of arteries to the heart; angina pectorals causing pain due to contraction of arteries to the heart; and chronic bronchitis with phlegm.

In view of the above it is significant that it is worth mentioning that the present world is the most dangerous place as it is full of hatred, jealousy, slothful, vindictiveness and competition of ill money which never support the features of a healthy society. Hence it is obvious that smoking has been unenthusiastic every times and as such, even in general advertisement to sell their product, the work of publication of product’s brand name and packaging system to indicate the quality of the product has been banned. Not only smoking, every kind of evils need to be banished from this world to present the modern age a healthy society bedded on trustworthy, love, friendship and responsibility to serve the humanity in this hereinafter virtually.