Today’s Transgendered Surgery Solutions

The fields of cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery have sure come a long way. Not only has there been significant improvements in standard surgical procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, facelifts, etc., but treatments have become more fine-tuned and more effective so that a diversified patient body can now appreciate them. For example, laser hair removal is now possible for dark-skinned and light-haired patients, and several plastic surgery procedures are now a viable option for transgendered and transsexual patients.

Cosmetic Enhancement for Changing Times

From gender reassignment surgery to procedures for feminization or masculinization, there are more and more plastic surgeons in the U.S. who are accommodating and capable when it comes to transgendered plastic surgery. As our culture continues to evolve, we are faced with new identity struggles, sexual orientations and social backgrounds that are striving for acceptance and understanding. Since appropriate changes for subcultural groups have been and continue to be implemented in our society’s religions, laws, and social programs, it makes sense that the cosmetic industry should adapt as well.

Popular Options for Transgendered Patients

While transsexuals usually choose gender reassignment surgery to permanently change their genitalia to coincide with their sexual identities, transgendered patients receive cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance their sexual identities through the alteration of physical characteristics. Popular treatment areas among male to female transgendered surgery patients include:

  • the Forehead and Brow area (Facelifts, browlifts and facial implants)
  • the Jawline (Chin implants)
  • the Nose (Rhinoplasty)
  • the Ears (Otoplasty)
  • the Chest (Breast augmentation)

Of course, there are other body procedures that can successfully alter the figure of transgendered patients, including liposuction and tummy tucks. Laser hair removal is another popular cosmetic treatment in the feminization process; providing effective hair removal on virtually all areas of the face and body where embarrassing hair growth occurs. The ultimate chosen procedures can vary depending on whether a transgendered patient is making the transition from male to female, or from female to male.

Due to the recent higher acceptance level of these surgeries, the number of U.S. plastic surgeons willing to perform transsexual surgery and transgendered cosmetic surgery has greatly increased. Apart from gender reassignment surgery for transsexuals, breast augmentation is currently the most popular transgendered surgery procedure. Depending on their surgical goals, transgendered patients can choose from breast augmentation options such as breast implants, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction.

Facial implants are a common option for recontouring or reshaping the planes of the face to appear more masculine or more feminine. Cheek implants and chin implants can greatly augment the appearance of the existing bone structure, and emphasize or diminish certain facial features to compliment the patient’s desired results. Plastic surgeons who are considerate of transgendered patients’ surgical needs can helpfully assess, through consultations and computer imaging, how certain procedures will look at the end stage.

Finding the Right Solution for you

Everyone is entitled to feeling confident in their appearance; and while everyone might not agree on the definitions of physical beauty, everyone should be free to explore their options and express who they are. For many, cosmetic enhancement or plastic surgery is a way to accomplish this, and to take greater pride in their projected appearance to the world. A lot of today’s top plastic surgeons are modern thinkers, and therefore committed to helping all patients feel satisfied with their physical selves. At a consultation appointment with a reputable plastic surgeon, transgendered surgery patients can ensure they’re comfortable with the chosen surgeon, and ensure their surgeon is dedicated to their personal aesthetic vision.