To Stop Sleep Paralysis – Effective Techniques

Some spheres of the medical circle narrow down sleep paralysis as a neurological condition that is psychological in nature. What they are saying is its all in the mind. If you have experienced sleep paralysis before you would know that it's more than just your mind playing tricks on you and there are ways available to avoid or to stop sleep paralysis from affecting you.

Some of the dreams we have can be quite frightening. It's very fortunately that the mind and the body understand this and we can sleep through a dream without physically reacting to it. The process of waking up is a slow process. If it ever happens that you are suddenly awoken in the middle of REM sleep there is a time lag between the body and the brains response. Paralysis will occur when you are partly conscious and you try and react to things that are occurring in a dream.

There are so many things that are known to cause paralysis. Basically though; it is anything that will disrupt your normal sleep routine and cause you to suddenly wake up. If you want to know how to stop sleep paralysis, just stay away from sleep disorders that's all. Two of the most common culprits are light and sound. Sleeping in a dark room that is free from sound is highly recommended.

If you take any stimulants before going to sleep they are likely to cause you to wake up before the night is over. Things like caffeine, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided at night times.

Sometimes avoidance techniques are not totally comprehensive and you may need to combine them with other known techniques and methods. Natural methods or home remedies usually offer the best solution. When it comes to ways to stop sleep paralysis they are worth considering.