TMJ Exercises – 3 Sure-Shot Exercises to Ease TMJ

TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorder) is pain and dysfunction of the joint in the skull which enables you to talk, eat and otherwise move your mouth. TMJ can manifest itself as pain in the jaw, head, ears or teeth; difficulty in chewing, talking and opening/closing of the mouth and clicking or grating sound in the jaw. Conventional medicine doesn’t provide holistic treatment to TMJ related difficulties. In fact, doctors rely on patients to seek out TMJ exercises to relieve pain in the long run.

Physiotherapists have devised methods that will help you ease pain due to TMJ, which you can do from home with no expense. While it is best to seek out therapy for curing the condition, the root causes of the pain will remain even after therapy. These exercises for TMJ will also help to eliminate these root causes and help to rebuild healthy, supple joints. Note – stop the exercises and restart after a few minutes when you feel very painful or your jaw starts clicking.

  1. Sit in a straight-backed chair and let your jaw rest on a soft, firm object like the palm of your hand. Without moving sideways or opening the mouth, try to move your head backwards using your chin slowly, relax and repeat for a few times. Next, try the exercise with teeth slightly apart.
  2. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth. With your teeth closed, pull its tip backwards along the roof, as comfortably far as possible. With the tongue held there, open your jaw slowly and only as much as possible without pain. Now breath in and breath out slowly for a few seconds, slowly close the jaw and relax the tongue.
  3. Rest your jaw on your fist, with the elbow firmly placed on a solid support. Now slowly open your jaw and hold it open for a few seconds. Breath in slowly and relax the jaw while breathing out. Repeat the same with just one side of the jaw against the fist, then the other side. Repeat till the jaw feels relaxed.