TMJ Exercise Information

TMJ is short for Temporomandibular Joint. This is the joint that connects the jawbone and the skull together. The cause of the disorder in TMJ is unfortunately not very well researched and understood. It happens basically because of the displacement of a disc. It hurts very badly and when one opens or closes one’s mouth, a popping sound is heard. Pain can be experienced not in one but many places like the ear, back, and neck. At times, the whole body may hurt. TMJ disorders are known to get very serious if left unattended to. Hence, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. There are chances that it might lead to arthritis too. Thankfully, there are a few TMJ exercises that can help to get rid of it. Stress is the major cause behind TMJ so relaxing TMJ exercises will be very helpful.

There are many TMJ exercises that one could perform and get rid of TMJ. One of these exercises is to place one hand under your chin – you could simply cup your chin or make a fist and place it below you chin. Keeping your palm steady, try opening your mouth. Let there be a little pressure exerted on your chin as you open your mouth. Do it for ten seconds. Take a ten second break and repeat. Stop doing it if the popping sound becomes obvious. Try again after a while.

Another one of the effective TMJ exercises is to place two fingers on your lower teeth and then open the mouth. The fingers should be pressing down the lower teeth. Make sure you do this really slowly and carefully. You must repeat this ten times.

There’s another easy exercise where you just need to close your mouth and rest your tongue against the palate or the roof of the mouth. Once you make sure that the tip of your tongue is rested there, open your mouth slowly making sure the tongue is in the same position.

These TMJ exercises are all very simple and easy to carry out. There are many other exercises too that are quite difficult and must only be done after consulting the doctor. These exercises are for those who suffer from very severe conditions of TMJ. Hence, it is always advisable and safe to consult the concerned doctor and take his advice before going for any exercises or even medication for that matter.

TMJ exercises not only help to get rid of the pain, they also help in relaxing the muscles of the face. A little care and a proper routine including all the exercises advised can help you curb TMJ effectively.