Tired of Sleeping in a Bed of Pet Hair? Ways to Reduce the Amount of Pet Hair on Your Bed

It might be as simple as closing the door, but for some unlucky pet owners that means scratched up doors and floors from pets who just will not accept this one house rule. This means that when you're out and about or in another part of your home, those sneaky little pets of yours will snuggle into your bed and leave behind a bundle of fur for you to discover later.

Not impressed with what they're leaving behind? You might want to try an old sheet on top of your bed while you're away to create a barrier between your pet and your bed below. But if you have a more determined pet who likes to shift around your sheets to make themselves a cozy bed out of your bed, then an old bed sheet may not do the trick.

Using a heavier comforter may work better as a deterrent, but if that still does not work, there are products out there that are specifically made for this type of problem and is designed to fit on top of all your bed sheets, pillows and comforters . These specially designed covers even have four elastics that wrap underneath each mattress corner so that it keeps put no matter how much your pet tries to maneuver the sheets below.

Having a barrier between your pet and bed not only keeps your pet's fur off of your expensive clean sheets, it also protects against stains, slobber, odor, mud, dirt, and pet dander. All extra reasons why you would want to avoid having your pet sleep on your bed. Yuck!

So if you can not stand coming home to your bed sheets being turned into a donut and then having to sleep in them after, then try these simple tips to avoid having this ongoing problem. Trust me … you will wonder how you ever lived the way you did before.