Tired Legs and a Coming Heart Attack

Tired legs are often a sign of a serious silent heart attack that may sadly be coming. This is a serious and deadly warning. Do not wait with this illness as it can take your life. Heavy legs are a sign of a circulation problem and the circulation is the key to the heart. This condition can be related to other heart problems such as heart failure. Tired legs for those over 50 can mean a coming heart attack.

This is a condition where it may be painful to walk or stand for a long time. This condition may also be when it looks that the legs have such a heavy feeling that you feel you are dragging them around. Artery specialists have identified heavy legs and tired legs as the number one warning of a coming heart attack. Those over 50 may have this as there only warning of a coming heart attack. A simple diet change can not reverse this condition. Once the arteries are blocked in the legs or the veins are failing only a reverse heavy legs diet can stop this.

The legs have a connection to the heart that is critical. It is the responsibility of the legs to help the heart pump the blood through the circulatory system. The heavy legs are a sign that the vessels or veins are failing and this is where the heart starts to fail. If the veins are bad in the legs they are also bad in the heart. Tired legs are often the only warning you will get a sudden death from heart disease. Only a reverse circulation problem legs diet can help you.