Tips to Get Rid of Toe Fungus

Toe fungus is one of those ailments that is unattractive to look at and can be progressive in its destruction of the nail structure. Individuals that use public restrooms or activity centers will need to be extra vigilant so that they do not pass on any nasty infections to their fellow patrons. At the same time there has to be a system of controlling the condition as it progresses.

Treatments can vary from anti – fungal ointments to tablets or other sublingual medications. But for some people who aren’t so keen on pharmaceutical products, there are also natural methods for treating nail fungus. Vinegar, Listerine, tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide are some items that you can find at home, which will treat the condition and eliminate the fungal infection.

Several oils must be used. Tea tree oil is a must. It is a very powerful, all natural antiseptic that should be applied directly to the infected area. (Never orally because it can be very hard on the digestive system and it won’t be effective anyway.) Almond oil should be used for it’s moisturizing capabilities. Jojoba oil also moisturizes, plus prevents water from leaving the skin.

Another thing you want to do is to make sure to develop a solid routine for washing and drying your feet as you fight the fungus. You might want to use a strong anti-fungal soap, and then apply some kind of foot powder or spray once your feet are dry.

Lavender oil is also good for toenail fungus. You can combine such treatment with a healthy diet that includes yoghurt and turmeric meals. This will assist in boosting your immune system and fight the fungus.

Maintaining your body with healthy diet helps you to fight this infection. You must take in essential nutrients for a healthy body. If you have a healthy body, any infection cannot easily attack the limbs. Nail fungus occurs mostly in people with weakened immune system. So, you need diets plenty in nutrients and vitamins.

Tree tea oil can be effective in fighting toenail fungus. This substance contains natural antifungal properties, buy a bottle and apply two to three drops under your toenail and on top. If you can combine this oil with lavender and olive oil increasing potency that can fight the fungus effectively.

Ointments. To get rid of toenail fungus, you can also try using ointments. Vicks vaporub is the most popular ointment that you can use. Using Vicks is much better and much cheaper than buying some of the prescribed ointments by your foot doctor.

If you find that standard medication will not work for you, then it is time that you should consider a home remedy for your nagging nail fungus. There is nothing for you to feat, let alone lose so why not give it a try? Keep in mind, however, that not every single home remedy will work for every person and it may take several attempts to find the right one for you.

Topical solutions would only work perfectly if they are able to penetrate the diseased areas of the toenail and nail bed; otherwise you can be assured that fifty percent of that expensive medication would be wasted. Be careful during application and keep it clean.