Tips on Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

Fatigue is a condition wherein a person experiences exhaustion and lack of energy possibly due to sleep deficiency, infection or overexertion. Since this is a fairly normal and common condition, most adults have experienced fatigue at least once in their lifetime. However, a person who continues to suffer from severe fatigue for an extended period of time of at least six months maybe affected by a more serious condition known as chronic fatigue.

Most people who are afflicted with chronic fatigue usually suffer from a more serious condition, which includes fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue immunodeficiency syndrome, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

In order for us to know how to beat chronic fatigue, we first need to look into what causes this condition. Here are the most common reasons why people suffer from chronic fatigue:


Some viral and bacterial infection could cause chronic fatigue. Most athletes are more susceptible to such a condition when suffering from an infection as a result of heavy training and exertion. However, chronic fatigue usually disappears once the infection is fully cured or treated.


People who put their minds and bodies to the extreme usually suffer from chronic fatigue. Since athletes endure rigorous training and practice, they are the ones who usually experience chronic fatigue due to over training and exertion.

Depression and anxiety

Some experts link chronic fatigue to psychological disorders. Thus, people who suffer from severe anxiety and depression are the ones who are also stricken by chronic fatigue.


Many people do not pay attention to their daily water intake because they are not aware that dehydration could have long-term side effects, such as chronic fatigue, on their bodies and even their performance.

Eating disorders

The likelihood for people who have eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, of suffering from chronic fatigue in the future is very high. Lack of proper nutrition is one of the causes of chronic fatigue, and people with anorexia and bulimia surely have inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals in their bodies.

Now that you know the common causes of fatigue, we should now start discussing the ways in which we could beat chronic fatigue. Follow the tips enumerated below and you will surely be able to manage such debilitating and long-lasting fatigue symptoms:

Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Food that is high in sugar and fat usually makes us feel sluggish and lethargic. Hence, prolonged intake of food that is high in sugar and fat could eventually result in the development of chronic fatigue and other serious diseases.

If you want to stay healthy and energetic, you need to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. To ensure that you have a steady supply of energy through the day, do not skip breakfast. Instead of eating three full meals, go for small but frequent eating.

Live a stress-free life

Figures from a research group in Sweden found that there is a close connection between stress and development of chronic fatigue later in life. Thus, if you don’t want to suffer from chronic fatigue in the future, you need to bring your stress levels down.

One of the ways to beat stress is to look for what is causing it. Marital or family problems could stress you out, so you need to find a way to remedy your problem with your mother, wife, husband or children.

For many people, work is their major stressor. Proper time management, ability to delegate tasks properly, and learning to deal with difficult colleagues are surefire ways to manage your stress from work. If you feel that you can no longer manage stress alone, you can solicit the help of your family, friends, or even a counselor.

Exercise regularly

Couch potatoes and people with sedentary lifestyles often develop chronic fatigue. Your body, particularly your heart, needs regular physical activities to make them perform at their peak. Moreover, exercise could help increase your energy levels naturally, because it aids in proper circulation.

Exercise does not only help in relieving tension, it also aids in releasing endorphins, a feel-good chemical, which generally reduces stress, increase pleasure and lessen pain.

Try alternative and natural remedies

You should not be afraid to try new things that could help you relax and make your body more energetic and stronger. Treat yourself to reflexology massage to help you relax and improve blood circulation.

If you are a little adventurous, you can try acupuncture. This is an ancient medical science practiced in China and the orient. Acupuncture helps in improving the flow of your chi and increase mental and physical strength.

Meditation and aromatherapy are good ways to bring your stress levels down. These methods could also give you inner peace and help you relax after a demanding day.