Tips on Finding the Best Food to Eat in Singapore

Singapore is a multiracial country. Because of this, there are a wide variety of food in Singapore. Food is an important part of the travel packages provided by travel agents. Beside authentic Malay cuisine, there is also Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, Peranakan cuisine. All these cuisines can be found in Singapore's wide range of hawker stalls, coffee shops as well as restaurants. Eating is a national pastime for the people in Singapore. Singapore is a small country yet the people's quest for good food is unbeatable. Travel agents does not need to bring you to the place with the nicest food. So how do we find the nicest food?

The nicest and cheapest food can be found in the hawker center. The stall with the longest queue is usually the one with the nicest food. Singapore also has a lot of programs focused on finding the good food in Singapore. We can look out for labels or stickers on the stalls as these programs usually distribute stickers to the stalls with the nice food.

To further promote the food culture in Singapore, there are seemingly endless food promotions and tours. There is an annual Singapore Food Festival in July. This food festival attracts people from all over the world because some of the best food can be found at the Food Festival. Some of the stalls even hold displays on how the preparation process of the food. Besides the Singapore Food Festival, there are other food fairs held throughout the year. For example, during important festivals like Chinese New Year, there will be food fairs all over Singapore selling New Year goodies. During the traditional Mooncake Festival, food fairs selling mooncake will be all over the place.

Another tip to find good food is to search the internet. There are a lot of food blogs online. Besides the food blogs, there are also a lot of sites on the internet dedicated to good food. Some of the travel agent sites even have a voting system for the people to vote on the best food. Internet may not be the most reliable source to find good food but it is a good place to try.