Tips for Stopping Dog Itching

It is believed that many dog ​​owners often see their pets scratching here and there but have no idea to stop dog itching. Most people consider dog itching as some kind of natural instincts of it, and some think that may be his dog gets skin allergy which can be cured only by some anti-allergy medicine. However, both of the above ideas are not completely right.

First of all, dog itching is not a natural instinct; it may be due to its skin diseases. Second, the possibility of dog allergies is lower than that of human. So, dog scratching is probably caused by dermatosis. There are many kinds of dog dermatosis but generally it can be divided into the following three common types.

  1. Some antimicrobial ointment for external use can stop dog itching if it has mycotic dermatitis. If a dog is infected with mycotic dermatitis, its infected skin will have squame when the infection gets worse. Therefore we should exam dog's ear, face and limbs regularly to confirm wherever the itching is caused by this. If so, you can rub antimicrobial ointment on the infected area to cure it.
  2. Acarid can also cause dog scratching itself. If the itching is caused by acarid, the erythema, papules, wheal and even pustule will appear in the infected area. In that case, dog may keep on biting the infected skin or doing self-mutilation. These will result in local hemorrhage. Meanwhile, because of the friction, dog's temperature will rise and the itching symptoms will be exacerbated. Dog will repeat biting or doing self-mutilation again and again. So once that happens, we should treat our dog timely by taking it to the pet clinic.
  3. Regular de-worming is an effective way to stop dog itching. When we clean the dog we should also do de-worming periodically. In this way we can prevent ectozoa from biting our dogs which can avoid dog scratching. I think it is a good way to prevent itching and is suitable for most people. But if some red dots begin to appear in the dog's skin, we can apply floral water on the infected skin to stop dog itching.

From my point of view, the above skin diseases are common to us. However, usually we can not clearly distinguish which skin disease causes the itching. Consequently, we should pay more attention to the dog after using the medicine to see whether the medicine can really stop dog itching or make it even worse.