Tips For Removing Skin Tags at Home

How do you remove the bad looking skin tags at the comfort of your home without having to see a doctor? There are tips to help you remove those irritating and unsightly skin tags without any dermatologist near you. Home skin tag removal tips will help you remove the unwanted skin tags without a dermatologist.

How to remove the skin tags 

First, you will need a pair of sterilized scissors but if you can’t get one that is sterilized and safe for use just take your home scissor and sterilize it using alcohol. Leave the scissor to dry before using it on your skin. 

When the scissor is totally dry, use it to cut the skin tags. How do you do it? You can just hold the skin tag and literally cut. This will be a bit painful so if you can’t cope up with the stingy pain, then rub some ice on the tag for some minutes before cutting it. The cold ice cube help create some numbness on your skin. 

When cutting the tag, hold it and slightly pull it away from your skin. This will enable you see the root of the tag. Is the root is thick, please seek a dermatologist’s attention but if the root is thin, just snip the root off with the scissors.

 There are times where the skin could bleed after snipping the stalk off the skin. If it occurs, use clean gauze to apply pressure on the bleeding are. Remember, this home skin tag removal tip is only and only applicable on  tags with thin stalks or roots, they can be disastrous if applied on tags with thicker stalks.