Tips For Preventing Mold Growth In Your Home

While mold does not generally pose a significant health risk when you are outdoors, the story is different when you are indoors. This is due to the fact that excessive moisture can accumulate indoors, and molds grow rapidly in the presence of moisture. It is therefore necessary to be extra careful regarding the conditions that can encourage mold growth inside your home. If in any case you suspect that mold is beginning to invade your home, you can do the following preliminary actions to help in exterminating its presence:

1. Determine and Eliminate All Source of Moisture

Molds can only grow in the presence of moisture, so the most important factor to consider in the fight against its growth is the source of moisture inside your home. Leaky pipes, humidity, and condensation; all of these contributor to moisture inside your home. So before it gets out of control, immediately fix any water problem or leak. Another way is to prevent humidity by venting bathrooms and dryers outside. The use of exhaust fans while cooking, dishwashing and cleaning can also help to reduce the level of humidity. Increasing ventilation, as well as using air-conditioning and de-humidifying systems also helps get rid of too much humidity. You can also prevent condensation by using insulation for windows, pipes, exterior walls, roof, and floors.

2. Immediately Clean Up Mold from the Affected Area

You can control mold growth while it has not yet reached a level that can adversely affect the health of your family. But before doing the clean up, make sure to protect yourself with the following: a N-95 respirator, which prompts you from inhaling airborne mold; gloves, which prevails the risk of touching molds with your bare hands; goggles without ventilation holes, which protects your eyes from getting infected with molds. When you are done protecting yourself and are ready for the clean-up, you can start by scrubbing mold off hard surfaces with soap and water. Remember to completely dry the area after cleaning it up. Areas that are always damp, such as the bathroom, will be difficult to make completely free from molds. Cleaning it up more often, increasing ventilation and opening a window will help to at least minimize the presence of molds.

The procedures above can only help to deal with a minimal amount of molds There are instances where more advanced technique will be needed to completely eliminate the problem of mold growth.