Tinnitus Treatment – Allopathic Medicines Versus Home Remedies

Tinnitus is a medical condition of ringing sounds in the ear with no external involvement. It can be a symptom of some underlying medical condition. The tinnitus causes include ear infection, head and neck injury, exposure to loud noises or effects of drugs. The root cause needs to be identified for the proper treatment of ringing sounds in the ear. There are different treatment methods available, but the natural home remedies are the best alternative tinnitus treatment as they do not create any side effects. To an extent, tinnitus prevention is possible by avoiding the causes.

The proper tinnitus causes can be found out by evaluating the medical history, physical examination and the results of lab tests. All the patients with a persistent ringing sound in the ear will be advised to go for a hearing test.

The regular treatment for tinnitus includes eliminating the cause, medical treatment and surgery if needed. Medical treatment for tinnitus includes administration of anti depressants or anti anxiety medication which has many side effects. Dry mouth, urinary retention, weight gain, constipation, sedation, abdominal pain, anxiety and inability to achieve orgasm in males are some of the major side effects of these medicines. Considering all these ill effects, it is better to rely on home remedies for tinnitus. These remedies are biological sources. These time tested ways to stop the ringing problem in ears does not cause any harmful effect to your body. Below are some of the simple and best practices to treat tinnitus;

1. Keep out of loud noises.

2. Putting 2-3 drops of Ginkgo biloba in your ears for 2 weeks is the best alternative treatment for tinnitus.

3. Karnapuran is an ayurvedic treatment which is considered good for tinnitus.

4. Tinnitus prevention is possible by reducing the use of salt, sugar and saturated fat.