Tight Jeans and Your Health

There are a number of truths and myths when it comes to tight jeans and your health. Myths are of course always very well spread amongst the general population. It’s one of those things where people think they know something because they have heard it somewhere before and continue to spread it but have no idea if it is true or not.

There are a number of definite things when it comes to tight jeans. They look cool, they make you feel good wearing it (most of the time) and people think that they are sexy. But then there is the other side of the coin. There are rumors of low sperm count and infertility as well as nerve damage.

I know one thing for certain. When I wear tight jeans they give me bruises on my hip bones. This is because for the jeans to be considered tight they have to be one size smaller than what you would actually wear. This is because over time the jeans get worn in and stretch a little bit and there is nothing worse than tight jeans that are a bit baggy around the bum area. So I suffer with a bruise on each hip bone for a few days after I wear them.

Now, as far as lowering sperm count or contributing to infertility, it is simply not true. The reasons people have for these claims is that the testes overheat. The testes are actually self regulating meaning that they keep to pretty much the same temperature all the time no matter what condition they are in. There have been experiments to conclude this where a male rock band had their sperm count before and after wearing tight jeans for 6 weeks straight. No change.

The new thing out and about is that they cause nerve damage. This may contribute to an existing condition in some people but it is not the cause of it. Either way, it is a good idea not to use very tight jeans all the time. Your region, for want of a better word, needs to breath and get some airflow going on around it.

So, for piece of mind and general health, it is always good to get your facts straight first and not let other people tell you rubbish. It is also a good idea not to wear tight clothing all the time so that your bits can breath. And it is also a good idea to keep up with the fashion and keep on wearing tight jeans.