Thrush Treatment

For a  thrush  treatment we first want to look at what form of  thrush  infection we are dealing with.  Thrush  is another name for yeast infection or candida. We usually talk about a candida yeast infection referring to the vaginal form of this condition. The kind which affects the mouth we often call  thrush  or oral  thrush .

The root cause of any of those infections is the same, its an fungal infection caused by the candida fungus. It is not a bacterial infection.

Accordingly, treatments for  thrush  are usually the same as for the other forms of yeast infection, with the difference being the location on our bodies where it could appear.

 Thrush  needs to be treated right away to avoid further spreading of the infection and to avoid more health complications down the road.

For example, oral  thrush  at first might only affect the mouth, tongue or inner cheeks. Patients  who already have a lower immune system (cancer patients, elderly people) have a heightened risk of oral  thrush  spreading down into the lungs or to other inner parts if not treated quickly and properly.

Conventional  Thrush  Treatments for Oral  Thrush 

Your doctor might describe antifungal mouthwash or lozenges. In case they wont do the job he might prescribe other medication.

If the  thrush  already spread to other body parts he might prescribe stronger medications like ketoconazole or fluconazole, for example Diflucan.

Natural  Thrush  Treatment

If the  thrush  is rather mild and in the early stages you can control the infection by eating natural yogurt. Another option is to get acidophilus pills which you can buy in many stores. The yoghurt or the acidophilus pills can help in restoring the normal bacterial flora. If this natural treatment does not help or the  thrush  is too severe you should consult your doctor.