Thrush Symptoms

Thrush symptoms will vary depending on what kind of thrush infection we refer to. The vaginal form is more commonly known as Yeast Infection or Candida. Here we will discuss the form which affects the mouth, also known as oral thrush.

What are the symptoms of thrush?

The infection can appear very quickly and often unexpectedly, and once a thrush infection appears it might even develop into a persisting and chronic reoccurring condition.

Often we see what looks like white, raised patches in the mouth. Those patches and lesions can be on the tongue or the inner cheeks, but we can also find them on the gums and the roof of the mouth. The back of your throat or the tonsils can be affected as well.

Those lesions can burn, the area around them is often irritated, raw and red. Those patches are also pretty sensitive and they can cause pain when touched. It can happen they bleed when touched or when you brush your teeth.

Sufferers sometimes also report a different and bad taste in their mouth, or a feeling as if the inside of the mouth is covered with cotton.

Further health implications of an oral thrush infection

Since thrush is an infection there is a likelihood that it could spread down into the swallowing tube or the esophagus, causing further health problems. In severe cases and especially in patients with an already low immune system (for example elderly people) there is also a likelihood of the infection spreading out to the lungs or other inner organs.