Thrush Remedy – Can Thrush Infection Really Be Cured Using Home Remedies?

Yes, thrush can be treated using natural home remedies. Thrush is really a fungal infection which usually occurs inside the mouth. It is also referred to as oral yeast infection and affects the gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, tonsils and can sometimes spread to the throat through the esophagus.

It results from an overgrowth of fungi in the body and can be identified by tiny sores, pain, difficulty swallowing drinks and / or foods and, in some cases, even bad breath. Visually, thrush may look like white patches or cottage cheese appearing in the mouth.

Can it be cured using home remedies? Well, we have established that already in the affirmative but this article will go ahead and show you a few thrush remedies which can be concocted, created, obtained, or cooked up from your home. Let’s get on with it…

#1 – Saltwater

Since you are looking for a thrush remedy which can be gotten at home, you should consider saltwater. Every home in the world has salt (I think) and water…

All you need to do to create this remedy, is to add about half a teaspoon of salt into about 8 oz. of water in a glass and the solution is ready. Now you just need to rinse your mouth with this solution as often as possible during the day. It also makes a lot of sense to maintain an excellent dental hygiene…

#2 – Dental Hygiene

Not to be taken for granted, this method for curing oral yeast infection is one of the most effective ways to prevent it in the first place.

The need for proper dental hygiene cannot be overemphasized. Brush efficiently and thoroughly, floss as often as required and perform other actions that you know will enhance your dental hygiene.

Doing so will move you closer to a cure faster than you can image. You can also add yogurt to your daily diet as one of the deterrents to this malady…

#3 – Yogurt

Whether you are an adult, or a child, male, or female, the inclusion of yogurt into your daily diet is one of the most common and the most surefire ways to eliminate your thrush.

You should go for the type of yogurt which is unsweetened, sugar-free and contains active cultures. Check the label if unsure, it should have “live culture” written there somewhere.

#4 – Dietary Changes

Throw away every food in your home that can be grouped under “fermented foods”. These include, but are not limited to, the following; beer, breads, and wine

#5 – Nursing Pads

If you are suffering from thrush on your breast due to breastfeeding, you can discourage the growth of thrush by swabbing your nipples using cotton or wool to absorb the leaking milk after every feeding.

#6 – Acidophilus Capsules

Acidophilus capsules can be very effective as thrush remedies. It is not only a preventive, but also shortens the duration of the thrush infection.